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Geo. M. Martin Co.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=412To be market leaders, converters need to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their high-speed rotary diecutters. Therefore, they need material handling solutions that are reliable, have the capability to operate at high speeds for extended periods of time, eliminate virtually all scrap in the load, are easy and fast to set up, and can keep pace with even the fastest diecutters.

The advanced technology of the Geo. Martin LBX Scrubber® stacker meets converters’ requirements for high-speed diecutting around the world and contributes to its growing global popularity.

With over 120 systems in use, the LBX Scrubber® stacker changes converter performance expectations from what was 32 MSF per hour to an average 80 to 100 MSF per hour. Top performers are running as high as 200 to 400 MSF per hour.

Geo. Martin’s legacy of innovation continues with the introduction of their latest products that address converters’ challenges of making “better boxes,” providing more consistent products and enhancing safety and ergonomics for operators.

LQC™ – Length Quality Control system is engineered for quality conscious converters, especially those serving automatic packing lines where a short sheet can result in jams, stoppages, downtime and product waste. LQC scans the sheets and initiates a feed interrupt when non-conforming products are detected allowing the operator to manually pull the sheets. When used with the SQC or SQX sheets can be automatically ejected at full speed.

SQC™ – Sheet Quality Control system automatically removes sheets from the stacker’s board line at all rated press speeds. This fast acting process can be integrated with the LQC system for consistent on-the-fly ejection of single or multiple sheets. Sheets will be ejected to the stacker’s operator side for safe and easy quality control sample pulls. SQC can also create web gaps for a stack or bundle change, thus eliminating “double inking” .

SQX™ – Sheet Quality Extended system combines SQC sheet ejection features with additional scrap removal capabilities. Placed behind an LBX Scrubber, the SQX further enhances the Scrubber’s already superior scrap removal capabilities to deliver virtually scrap free boxes (well under 1%) making it ideal for scrap critical operations such as auto packing lines. The SQX can also be placed on new or existing Select® and/or ValuStak™ stackers allowing them to take advantage of enhanced scrap removal and blank ejection capabilities.

The Quick-Break™ III (QB-III) is the latest model of Geo. Martin’s high performance nicked bundle breakers. The heart of the bundle line system, the QB-III features significantly faster cycle speed, soft stop/start break and pull cycle, and unique multi-function “gapless” upper platen which eliminates edge roll on small bundles.

Dan D’Angelo

VP Sales


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