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Geo. M. Martin Company

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


For over 90 years, the Geo. M. Martin Company has provided innovative solutions that set industry standards for quality, high performance, reliability, and service.

Pushing the Productivity Envelope

The LBX SCRUBBER™ Stacker is the industry leader in high-performance rotary die cutter stackers. The LBX SCRUBBER™ has created a new performance standard for the corrugated industry, raising the average production from 32 MSF/hour to 80 to 100 MSF/hour, with top performers reaching 200 to 400 MSF/hour.

Geo. Martin’s patented Scrubber® Technology has transformed the latest generation of rotary die cutter stacker technology. Engineered to maximize the capacity and throughput of all rotary die cutters, the LBX Scrubber™ Stacker combines unmatched sheet control with superior scrap removal to produce perfectly square, virtually scrap-free stacks and bundles at maximum speed. Geo. Martin’s LBX and SBX Scrubber™ Stackers offer a wide range of standard and optional features that allow the stackers to be configured to meet the convertors’ specific needs. Feature compatibilities allow Geo. Martin stackers to be easily upgraded or reconfigured for ever-changing market demands.

Innovators of Productivity, Safety, and Efficiency

Our latest innovations further enhance the capabilities, productivity, safety, and efficiency of the high-performance LBX and SBX stackers.

The SQC System automatically removes sheets from the stacker’s board line at all rated press speeds. SQC can be integrated with the LQC system for “on the fly” operator side ejection of single or multiple short sheets or samples for safe and easy quality inspection pulls. SQC can also create a gap in the web for a stack or bundle change, thus eliminating “double inking” .

The SQX System combines the features of SQC with additional scrap removal capabilities. Placed behind an LBX Scrubber™, SQX further enhances the Scrubber’s already superior scrap removal capabilities to deliver virtually scrap-free boxes (well under 1%) making it ideal for scrap critical operations such as auto packing lines. Virtually all new or existing Geo. Martin stackers can take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of SQX.

The LQC System is excellent for quality conscious converters, especially those serving automatic packing lines. LQC scans the sheets and compares the length to a predetermined tolerance. When out of spec boxes are detected, the feed is interrupted allowing the operator to manually pull the bad sheets or automatically eject sheets when used with the SQC or SQX systems.

Single Source for Complete Bundle Lines

Geo. M. Martin offers a full range of bundle line components. Quik-Break™ III, the heart of the Geo. Martin bundle line, easily handles typical and unusual die-cut bundles providing fast, efficient, clean breaking of unique shaped, deeply nested bundles, and even multiple bundles of varying heights.

Our application specialists work closely with customers to design and integrate systems that meet their specific needs whether it’s dedicated bundle lines, wide-ranging product mixes, or “batch and stack” configurations that provide maximum versatility.

To learn more about maximizing the throughput of your converting line, visit or call 1-510-652-2200.

Dan D’Angelo

Geo. M. Martin Company

VP Sales