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Geo. M. Martin

January 23, 2024

Optimized Output for Rotary Die Cutters, Flexo Folder-gluers,
and Flatbed Die Cutters

Maximum efficiency and productivity of any die cutter or flexo folder-gluer line comes from a combination of optimum operating speed and sheet size. In other words, run as fast as you can, with the biggest sheet possible, and produce as many finished blanks as you can in the shortest amount of time.

The Quik-Break™III (QBIII) nicked bundle breaker makes it possible to maximize the output of your rotary die cutter, flexo folder-gluer, or flatbed die cutter. QBIII’s dual airbag platens provide an even and positive gripping force to maintain the integrity and stack quality of nicked bundles during the separation process. A unique gapless upper platen prevents edge rolling and marking on small width bundles, even when running uneven bundle heights side by side. The QBIII also features automatic platen offset for nested bundles and automatic bundle height sensing to minimize breaker platen travel and allow faster cycle time.

To maintain bundle integrity during transit, the QBIII features adjustable speeds and smooth acceleration and deceleration for tall bundle stability. “Batch Mode” improves breaker cycle times on narrow items by indexing between separated bundles and discharging them as a group.

The QBIII is offered in a 68″ (1727mm) model and an extra-wide 92″ (2337mm) model. The 92″ model can accommodate two 46″ (1168mm) wide bundle logs side by side, making it the perfect high-performance machine for pizza boxes, wraps, and other wide-format die cuts. It offers faster separation of wider sheets/bundles, lower bundle counts, and thicker board calipers through its ability to break multiple side by side units.

Keeping Pace with the Fastest Die Cutters

The Geo. M. Martin LBX: SCRUBBER® Stacker is the industry leader in high-performance rotary die cutter stackers. It has created a new performance standard for the corrugated industry, raising the average production to 80 to 100 MSF/hour, with top performers reaching 200 to 400 MSF/hour.

Martin’s latest stacker technology combines unmatched sheet control and superior scrap removal to produce perfectly square, virtually scrap-free stacks and bundles at maximum die cutter speed. The LBX: and SBX: SCRUBBER Stackers offer a wide range of standard and optional features that allow custom configuration to meet the converters’ specific needs.

Continually Innovating

The SQC System automatically removes sheets from the stacker’s board line at all rated press speeds. SQC can be integrated with external QC systems and our LQC system for automated operator-side ejection of sample sheets and rejected sheets for safe and easy quality inspection.

The SQX System combines the features of SQC with additional scrap removal capabilities. Placed behind an LBX: SCRUBBER, SQX further enhances the Scrubber’s already superior scrap removal capabilities to deliver virtually scrap-free bundles and stacks (well under 1%).

The LQC System is excellent for quality-conscious converters looking to automate the quality control process of their RDC. LQC scans for sheet skew, and sheet length variation per a predetermined tolerance. When an out-of-spec sheet is detected, the sheet is automatically ejected.

Jason R. Smith
Vice President of Sales