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Global Boxmachine

By Todd Olsen

January 24, 2022


Established in 1955, Global Boxmachine LLC is one of the largest distributors of new and used corrugated box making and converting equipment in the USA and throughout the world. We are proud to partner with KL Carton Machinery of Guangzhou, China to bring a host of innovative converting machinery to the North American marketplace to meet the needs of the boxmaking community. KL is in the process of building a new 1,000,000 square foot manufacturing facility, more than doubling their capacity. Global is the exclusive distributor for KL in North America.

Starting in 2016, with the debut of our K7io 1+3 rotary die cutter at SuperCorr, Global Boxmachine has continued to introduce new products and technology to the market. We were the first company to ever produce a box on the SuperCorr floor with inside out printing in a single pass. This machine is available in 66 X 110, 66 X 125 and 66 X 142.

With their 2017 acquisition of Shinko Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Japan), KL continues to invest in high speed, high quality boxmaking technology and gives Global another valuable sales tool. In 2017, Global debuted the KLS flexo folder gluer, which was the marriage of our established K7 press with the Shinko high speed folding section. It can also print inside and out in a single pass at speeds up to 288 boxes per minute. The KLS is available in 35 X 94 and 50 X 110 configurations.

In 2020, Global debuted the K1X jumbo series with sizes from 66 x 142 up to 98 X 225. Our first installation was an 86 x 210 in line flexo folder gluer with die cutting featuring a downstacking counter ejector and compression section, capable of running at speeds of up to 4800 sph. This series can also be produced as a jumbo printer slotter.

This year brings our first US installation of the Shinko Super Alpha high speed, fixed architecture, flexo folder gluer with run speeds up to 350 spm. This is a quick set while running machine that we offer in both 925 and 1227 sizes. This machine comes with our patented Carrying Belt System, which firmly holds the sheet 20mm from the left and right edges along with a center carrying belt with suction. This system provides maximum sheet stability along with tremendous energy savings.

The year 2021 also brought the addition of a new product line to Global Boxmachine. We are proud to be the sole North American distributor of the Zihong GL Quest 2800 specialty folder gluer. In sizes up to 110, this gluer is equipped with vacuum stream feeder, motorized folding rails, HHS 4-gun glue system, servo driven backfold system, auto-lock, 4 & 6 corner gluing capabilities, squaring system and compression section along with a monitor with camera. The Zihong provides exceptional capabilities at an amazing value and has been well received.

Of course, at our roots is the used equipment business. Although new machinery is a huge amount of our product mix now, used equipment is still integral to who we are. Because of our reach in the used market we are able to offer extraordinary value for trade in equipment. In addition to our inventory, through our broad dealer network, if you can’t find it, we will.

Global Boxmachine, along with our valued partners, KL/Shinko and Zihong, will continue to bring innovative converting solutions to the North American market. With over 30 machines deployed in the North American market, we also have our own dedicated parts and service team to keep your machine well maintained and running in top condition. Our own parts depots in Chicago and Phoenix keep our customers well supplied.

Although 2020 and 2021 were certainly challenging years for our industry and for the world, Global continued to push forward with creative solutions for our customers and partners to deliver the service and support they expect. 2022 will bring a raft of new installations and continued growth and innovation. Global is very excited for what the future holds. Please join us for an in person or virtual visit to see one of our machines in production. We have new and used solutions for all of your boxmaking challenges.


Todd Olson

National Sales Director