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Global Boxmachine

January 23, 2024

Global Offers More!

We offer equipment to give you More Boxes Every Minute … Period! But that’s not all. Global Boxmachine not only offers the latest technology in high-speed converting equipment, but we also offer quality, highly rated service.

We are honored to serve as exclusive American distributor for Keshenglong Carton Machinery Manufacturing as well as the sole North American distributor of the Zihong ZH Quest 2800 Specialty Gluer. This partnership allows us to bring their high-quality products to our customers in North America.

At Global, we pride ourselves on providing highly reliable and comprehensive service to our customers. With our 24/7 phone support, you can count on getting the assistance you need whenever you need it. Our ever-growing inventory, which includes over 4,000 parts, ensures we are likely to have what you need. The expertise of our team is evident through the successful completion of more than 20 machinery installations in 2023. We are committed to delivering top-notch solutions and consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations.

“Global Boxmachine has been a fundamental support for the startup and operation of our machine. They have a team of highly trained people with excellent service. They are a very professional company with a high sense of customer service. We have had experiences with several machinery suppliers, and the support and service that Global offers is far superior to all others.” —Cesar M., Owner

“After sharing the urgency of needing a part, they went to work and made a miracle happen quick! Not only did they get us one coming overnight, but they were also able to get several coming. They prevented downtime because of the quick response and making something happen now rather than later.” —Justin B., Plant Manager

Our exceptional partnerships with KL and ZH have enabled us to provide tailored solutions and custom builds specifically designed to meet your company’s requirements. By leveraging our relationships with these partners, we can offer unique sizing options and customized machinery. KL boasts a dedicated team focused on new machine production, ensuring that your equipment will be delivered within a matter of months, rather than years. With this streamlined process, you can enjoy the benefits of purchasing and installing your new machinery within the same 12-month period, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing downtime.

Our Machines

K7 Flexo Rotary Die Cutter

The K7 offers inside/outside printing and the ability to print on both sides of the box in a single pass! Sizes from 66″ x 110″ and up to 66″ x 190″ are available, with up to five colors on the inside and as many as you need on the outside.

K1-X Jumbo Flexo

The Jumbo series of flexo folder gluers were designed to withstand the rigorous needs of the Jumbo boxmaker. The K1-X is built with heavy duty components and will run non-stop with the optional prefeeder. Sizes from 86″ x 210″ up to 98″ x 230″ are available.

Shinko Super Alpha OC High-Speed Flexo Folder Gluer

The Super Alpha OC is a servo-driven machine that offers an open and close feature that allows for inside and outside printing. This machine offers high-speed production with run speeds of up to 350 SPM.

Shinko Super Alpha High-Speed Servo Driven Flexo Folder Gluer

The Super Alpha offers labor and energy saving versatility by providing better feeding performance, tighter print registration, unmatched folding accuracy, quick order change, and high-speed production. This fixed architecture model offers set while run technology and provides setup in under two minutes and run speeds to up to 450 SPM.

ZH Specialty Folder Gluer

The ZH Gluer comes equipped with a vacuum stream feeder, motorized folding rails, HHS 4-gun glue system, servo-driven backfold system, auto-lock, 4- and 6-corner gluing capabilities, a squaring system and compression section. Each ZH is equipped with a monitor camera and can come in sizes of up to 110″.

Used Equipment

Global’s extensive network allows us to provide unmatched value for trade-in equipment, presenting our customers with exceptional opportunities. Our focus lies in meeting your specific needs and ensuring a tailored solution.

At Global, we are committed to delivering exceptional equipment, service and support helping you produce more boxes every minute … Period!

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