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Haire Group

January 23, 2024

Exclusive North American Partner and New Machine Launch

“Two thousand and twenty-three has been a year of growth and Italian innovation for Haire Group, as Haire not only introduced a tremendous addition to their team, Danny Lopez, but also unveiled the sleek and sophisticated Encore FD 821,” said Mike Mulroe, President of Haire Group. “Customers consistently look for ways to improve operations to better serve their clientele. In turn, Haire does the same by providing next-level technology that will further enhance the efficiency and product quality capabilities of existing and future customers. Haire also continues to build their team of experts to best serve our clientele, so the addition of Danny Lopez as the Director of Business Development was no happy accident.”

Prior to joining the Haire Group team, Danny worked his way from Application Engineer to Product Engineer to Senior Territory Manager over the past 16 years at Alliance Machine Systems International. This powerful combination of business acumen, industry expertise, and engineering makes Danny uniquely qualified for his new position at Haire.

“Danny Lopez is a tremendous addition to the Haire Group team. As we continue to grow and add to our team, it’s critically important that we do not lose sight of what has made us successful: a commitment to our core values and a philosophy rooted in taking care of the customer. Danny is the perfect fit for Haire. He is a high-integrity professional, extremely knowledgeable, and has a passion for taking care of the customer. We’re excited he’s on our team and taking on his new role for Haire,” said Mike Mulroe, President of Haire Group.

When asked about the new Encore 821, Mulroe said, “Plants no longer have to choose between quality and speed during the boxmaking process because you can have it all with the FD 821, including less downtime on the production floor. The Encore FD 821 flexo folder gluer’s combination of efficiency, set-up-while-run, and world-class design make this machine second to none. Customers are sure to take notice of the high-quality output. From prefeeder to palletizer, there’s beauty cooked into the process.”

Every Encore RDC boasts an incredible speed of up to 200 sheets per minute. With dual one-to-one creasing, revolutionary “rotary shear” glue tab, and “only one” motor technology for precise positioning, world-class printing in one pass is attainable. Its unique modular design makes it fully scalable, so its capacity grows as your business grows.

Encore machines come with a built-in Ethernet connection, giving customers a direct line to Haire Technical Group (HTG), Haire Group’s service department, for 24/7 service and support. HTG’s highly trained and experienced technicians are the best in the industry and are available to Encore owners for the life of the machine.

In a competitive marketplace, you need the clear advantage of an Encore.

As President at Haire Group, Mike and his management team run the day-to-day operations of the business with overall responsibility for the company’s operating performance. Though a relative newcomer to the industry, he joined Haire in early 2021 with a vast amount of operations, quality improvement and leadership experience, most recently as Vice President of Operations for one of the nation’s top academic medical centers.

In addition to leading day-to-day operations, Mike oversees the company’s ongoing strategic growth and is the leader in communicating and implementing the mission, vision, and overall direction for the company.

Mike Mulroe