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Hitek Equipment, Inc.

January 23, 2024

Hitek meets challenge to boost employee retention in manufacturing

Going into 2024 is not so different from 2023. One of the biggest concerns for manufacturers is boosting employee retention. It is detrimental to the manufacturing process if you cannot keep qualified employees working in your plant, whether managers or operators.

Hitek had to look at what we could do to help our customers battle this trend. After working with our partners, we found our equipment needed more automation, a simpler training process, and a decrease in the need for maintenance. All our engineers jumped at the opportunity to implement changes.

BCM Transtech, the manufacturer of the most advanced storage systems for rotary dies, flat dies, and print plates, took on the challenge and ran with it. They simplified their controls on automatic and semi-automatic systems, making them easier to use. Training a new operator takes minutes, not days. Improvements in their storage systems keep your valuable assets protected even with a new hire. In addition, their Mobilator, which makes flat and rotary die handling easy, decreases fatigue and injury to your new operators.

The Mikawa engineers, the manufacturer of the Marumatsu line of flatbed die cutters, took the challenge to a new level. They made their CM line of die cutters so advanced they almost set themselves up. On repeat orders, it’s as simple as entering the order number, putting the sheets in the feeder and the cutting die into the chaseless mounting system. You’re up and running in two minutes. Training is a breeze; we can get a new operator up to speed in as little as four hours.

Lian Tiee had already upped their game with many innovations to their Flexo Folder Gluers and Rotary Die Cutters, but there is always room for improvement. Lian Tiee has updated their control system to optimize saved orders for accurate and quick repeat setups. In addition, the software automatically reminds staff that maintenance is needed, eliminating the need for personnel to keep track. A Lian Tiee in your plant will keep your employees happy and content.

Cavec has engineered their MaxiBox Boxmaker to be an operator’s dream. On a repeat order, the operator enters the order number using a touch screen, and the machine sets itself up. Only the printers and creasing knives need to be set manually. The MaxiBox can run at production speeds, so running 1 box or 10,000 is no problem. Add in that required maintenance is minimal, the stress levels in your plant will be low.

CJ MMC, the builder of the KT line of flatbed die cutters, has outdone themselves by making a machine that is so simple to run and maintain everyone will be fighting to be the operator. Setups are as little as five minutes. With the ability to run many different materials and sizes (0.01″ to AB Double Wall), even your designers and salesmen will love it.

The CleanFlex automatic print plate washing system removes the need for hand scrubbing your print plates. The machine can wash and dry a 100″ plate in about two minutes. The CleanFlex does all the work while letting your operators perform other tasks.

If you need help retaining people or to train new hires faster, call us; we might have a solution for you.
Ryan Ashley
Sales Consultant