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Hitek Equipment, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


Hitek meets demands from challenged boxmaking industry

With all the challenges our industry has faced in the past few years, Hitek has noticed a demand for quicker setups, easy maintenance, and shorter runs. Hitek has been leading the industry for over 30 years in just-in-time packaging. The demand for this has never been higher.


All these demands on our customers have resulted in a significant increase in tooling. With this has come an unexpected need for a larger footprint in many plants to store all this new tooling. Hitek introduced BCM Storage Systems to the market in 2008 and has put in systems all over the country. Hitek works with customers to examine their space constraints, tooling quantities, and budget to create a custom solution to our customer’s specific needs for cutting dies and print plates.

The Marumatsu Diamond has led the way for our customers to be incredibly profitable with the latest shifts in the market. Whether you have long or short runs, the Diamond is an excellent solution with the capability of setting up in 2 to 3 minutes and speeds of up to 4,000 sheets per hour. The Marumatsu Diamond can set up and run an order faster than most machines can even set up, all while removing the scrap with no tooling. These advantages and advanced technologies make the Marumatsu Diamond the perfect machine to put the maximum profit in any order.


Lian Tiee Rotary Die Cutters and Flexo Folder Gluers are reliable, accurate, low-maintenance machines that any company can use for years. Lian Tiee uses a top-loading counter ejector, so you no longer need to worry about your print getting smeared or scuffed. The folding accuracy is one of the best in the industry. The machines also come with a state-of-the-art touch screen where you can save your orders.

The Cavec Maxi Box is the perfect boxmaker for orders of 1 to 10,000 boxes. Many boxmakers have been around for a long time and are not true production machines. The Cavec Maxi Box is different since it uses the latest technology with servo motors, a visual print quality control system, and an auto feeder. The Maxi Box allows you to stock only 1 sheet size and trims down as you produce your order.

The KT Semi-Automatic Platen Die Cutter is the perfect simple machine to run displays on. It is a true one-man operation. The KT uses a chaseless die system which lets it set up in as little as 5 minutes. The KT can run a variety of different materials, from paper to double-wall corrugated. The KT can be hand-fed for thinner materials or use an automatic feeder when running thicker materials. The KT is the most versatile die cutter on the market.

The BCM Mobilator allows larger cutting dies to be mounted onto a machine by only 1 operator. With the shortage of operators, the Mobilator is a crucial advantage with its quick attachment and easy operation. The Mobilator allows customers to set up their machines faster and safer.

The CleanFlex print plate washing system is the latest in labor-saving equipment. The CleanFlex can wash and dry a 100 print plate in as little as 2 minutes. The CleanFlex cleans your plates while freeing up operators to perform other tasks.

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Ryan Ashley

Sales Consultant


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