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By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


HP Corrugated Presses — Making a Sustainable Impact

Facing high demand, brands need to deliver products quickly, both to retail outlets and online customers. To stand out in the crowded online shopping arena, they need to provide exceptional unboxing experiences. And, to meet growing consumer expectations around sustainability, they also have to improve the environmental impact of their products and packaging.

Digital printing of corrugated packaging supports all three elements — fast delivery, unboxing, and sustainability. By allowing a flexible supply chain and enabling high-impact graphics, digital printing enables fast delivery and impactful unboxing. Digital printing can also have a significant impact on packaging sustainability.

Sustainability throughout the packaging life cycle

HP’s commitment to making a sustainable impact and creating a positive, lasting change for the planet dovetails perfectly with the heightened focus on sustainability. HP PageWide printing technology addresses the full life cycle of a package to deliver sustainable solutions to customers and brands around the globe.

HP views the life cycle of a sustainable package in four main stages: from packaging raw materials, through printing and conversion, to consumption of the packaged products, and lastly to the packaging disposal processes.

HP’s true water-based inks contain no hazardous air pollutants, supporting a safe and comfortable work environment. They are designed to meet worldwide regulatory requirements and address a broad range of health and environmental considerations, such as UL ECOLOGO, EuPIA, USDA, and FDA.

Digitally printed packaging allows print-on-demand, thus reducing obsolescence, waste, and the need for extensive warehousing. Digital printing also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals for plate creation.

HP’s printing process itself is designed with sustainability in mind. For example, an automatic cleanup procedure for the printheads uses less water for press cleanup compared to traditional print processes.

Supporting the circular economy and brand demand to meet standard end-of-life processes, boxes printed with HP PageWide inks can be recycled in standard processes and are certified to the PTS standard for recyclability.

HP offers the industry’s broadest range of corrugated packaging presses

HP serves the digitally printed corrugated packaging and display market with the industry’s broadest range of solutions to address any volume, from small box converters to industrial corrugators. With its HP Thermal Inkjet technology, true water-based inks, and support of the full packaging life cycle, HP’s portfolio of presses delivers the speed, quality, and flexibility to produce high volumes of boxes cost-effectively.

HP PageWide T-Series Packaging presses

HP PageWide T-series digital packaging presses run papers up to 110-inch (2.8m) wide and are ideal for packaging converters seeking analog-to-digital transformation with high-volume productivity in offset quality for paper-based packaging applications. The T1195i, T700i, and T470S Presses deliver high efficiency and can maximize business opportunities for single-face lamination, corrugation, and folding carton applications.

HP PageWide C500 post-print press

The HP PageWide C500 Press enables box converters to optimize the cost of manufacturing Flexo and Litho boxes and gain operational efficiency with digital post-print at scaled-volume production. With the HP PageWide C500, corrugated converters can deliver consistent offset print quality direct-to-board, coated or uncoated, for a wide range of corrugated packaging applications. This innovative single-pass, digital post-print solution helps create new business opportunities and competitive advantages.


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Stephen Shannon

Business & Business Development

Manager – Americas HP Corrugated Industrial Packaging Solutions