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Inspire Automation

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=212width=386Inspire Automation delivers the “one supplier” advantage by combining material handling and automation solutions from two long standing brands in the industry: Systec & Automatän. The combined product line is the most comprehensive in the industry, offering customers fully integrated turn-key automation solutions.

The benefits can’t be ignored. Focusing on providing customers with full plant automation solutions, Inspire Automation introduced its new automated palletizing systems which include the Load Palletizing Device and Robotic Pallet Dispensing Systems. Combined with the Systec automatic strapping control system (VAPS), the devices interface with the plant scheduling system to automatically strap, wrap and palletize without operator intervention, while easily maintaining plant production requirements. This system is the most innovative, leading choice for automated palletizing solutions.

With more than 70 installations, the AutoFeed robotic pre-feeder continues to be an industry benchmark. During a recent, extensive uptime test of the AutoFeed robotic pre-feeder on a rotary die-cutter, the AutoFeed enabled the plant to set records in production with virtually no downtime. Along with the ability to run at maximum machine speeds, the AutoFeed has the lowest operating and maintenance cost of any pre-feeder available, delivering a return on customer investment, particularly when compared to a traditional pre-feeder.

The combination of the Automatän AutoStak robot with the Systec FastPal load former has proven to be a very powerful combination as well, allowing for full integration of the equipment with conveyor, pallet dispensing, etc. The all-electric load former features user-friendly operator controls, along with new features focused on operator safety.


Other new Systec products released in 2020 include APICS and our Ball-Mesh Transfer Device. APICS is an Advanced Production Inventory Control System for automatic routing of corrugated sheets from the corrugator to the finishing centers. This program runs without operator intervention, routing loads efficiently and seamlessly based on production demand. Systec’s Ball-Mesh Transfer Device is designed for heavy loads and effortless rotation in several configurations.

Inspire Automation has the technology, experience and expertise to provide its customers the solutions they need by increasing automation, reducing costs, and improving safety. By adding these innovative products and solutions to the existing product catalog, including Automatän’s industry leading line-up of Litho-Labelers, Inspire Automation is committed to maintain the most comprehensive solution catalog in the industry, and our “One Supplier” Advantage.

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