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Isowa America

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


  • Speeds up to 350 boxes/minute
  • Changeovers in under two minutes
  • Lowest annual cost of ownership
  • Fully staffed service and parts groups ready to help!

About Isowa Flexos

The Isowa mid-size fixed-position FALCON FFG cruises at 21,000 sheets per hour and employs patented Isowa technology enabling bona fide two-minute run-to-run times. Key features of the Falcon include Isowa Servo or SUN Lead Edge Feeders, integrated sheet cleaning and dust collection systems, servo-controlled roller vacuum transfer (no full-width vacuum transfer belt!), and fixed/elevating print units with the sustainable Isowa SuperFlex Plus ink system including Automatic Viscosity Control.

Customizable options include choice of roll-to-roll or chambered blade ink metering, dwell sections, dual slotting sections, heavy duty die cut sections with pin stripping; full vacuum folding sections with recently reduced minimums, automatic folding bar adjustment, a dedicated gap control device, 2-up functionality; and a true skip feed servo counter ejector capable of running RSCs, HSCs, trays and die cuts at speed.

The Isowa large format fixed-position IBIS FFG utilizes many of the same technologies on the FALCON to run larger sheets easily at 15,000 sheets per hour with the same two-minute changeovers. The Ibis is designed to provide maximum flexibility to run a great variety of box and sheet types quickly and efficiently. With a sheet minimum less than 12 and sheet maximum out to 63 in skip feed, the Ibis can run sheets up to 120 across the machine. Notable differences from the Falcon include not only size but also the implementation of Isowa’s patented “Variable Length Feeder” (servo without a gearbox or transmission) that can be configured for Dual Feed running at 24,000 sheets per hour.

Whether with the mid-size Falcon or the large format Ibis FFG, Isowa provides high-speed productivity, cutting edge setup-while-run technology, finished product versatility, and operational simplicity in its finishing equipment line up.

Over a Century of Results

Isowa is an independent, family-owned supplier that has continued delivering quality machinery across the globe for over 100 years. Isowa flexos are designed specifically to meet the growing demand for quick changeovers, high run speeds, and lowest annual cost of ownership.

Isowa America, Inc. serves the North and South American corrugating industry from Phoenix, AZ. Our newly expanded warehouse boasts greater depth of coverage of all critical customer needs and a knowledgeable support staff that is ready to assist at any time.

We offer preventative maintenance plans that can be scaled to your requirements, as well as critical on-site support during unexpected situations. Our Phoenix office supports operations in the Americas, as well as our growing service organization and extensive parts warehouse.

Our installation team boasts a full-time installation project manager, dedicated trainer, and we are fully staffed to handle all support needs of current customers.

Give us a call and find out why over 70% of our new machine purchases are repeat customers from some of the biggest names in corrugated.


Mr. Erbe has helped corrugated customers reach record production and profitability for over 33 years. Our dedicated sales team in North and South America would be happy to show you why our customers keep coming back!

Kevin Erbe

Vice President of


For other inquiries, please call Isowa America directly at 602-639-9060.

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