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JB Machinery

By Dave Burgess

January 24, 2022


For more than 25 years JB Machinery has offered the sheet-fed corrugated industry innovative products that optimize performance, quality and safety. JB products are designed for ease of use and total integration within the converting line and have won many prestigious awards including the most recent Innovator of the Year.

ColorDry XL3000® IR dryers remain the centerpiece of our product line allowing converters to achieve the highest quality product possible at high speeds while diecutting in-line for a smooth and efficient single pass operation. Th e systems are virtually essential for maximizing the quality and productivity of inside/out

flexo printing. Th e safest and most efficient dryer on the market today, ColorDry XL3000 includes Sentinel® sheet detection, Lead Edge Sheet Detection (where applicable) and the optional VisionMaster® in-press real-time 1080p video monitoring.

InKomand® precise ink temperature control continues to gain acceptance globally as a fully automated system to maintain ink temperature, pH and viscosity throughout the production run. Equally effective on brown box as high-graphics, this true “set it and forget it” system minimizes, and in many cases, eliminates, color variation, improves drying—allowing increased production speeds—enhances overall finished product print quality and significantly reduces clean-up and color change times.

KleenPlate® 3.0 print defect eliminator with auto plate washing. Th is fully automated system includes continuous, spot and “on-demand” cycles. Operators can also choose from wet or dry washing cycles to custom match the operation to their printing requirements. KleenPlate is essential for maintaining high line screen dot quality throughout the production run.

*NEW – AutoWash™, one of our newest products and the 2021 AICC/BCN Innovator of the Year, is a high-speed plate washing system that provides automatic, simultaneous pre- or post-production sub four-minute washing cycles, and 1.5 second “in-production” print defect removal cycle. The soft brush roller provides effective deep cleaning of all plate screen ranges and matts. Th e dual action cycle, with a finite injection of environmentally friendly cleaning solution, is followed by a rapid power drying interval, quickly washes and makes plates ready for the next job.

*NEW – DigiFlex™, another recent award winner, is a high-speed variable imaging system available for most rotary diecutters, flexo folder-gluers, specialty folder-gluers, flatbed diecutters or any line where space is available. Th e system includes ink delivery system, LED UV system, graphic editor and control software. It’s the only system that is capable of printing 600 dpi at 1,000 ft/minute on all substrates, including semi or fully coated paper. DigiFlex is an additional turnkey print unit that provides variable data capability, inside and outside the box, without any changes to the architecture of the host machine.

ColorCure®ColdUV® is the leader in the UV curing segment, and now with TurboBoost™, offers the fastest UV curing times in the industry with speeds more than 50% greater than prior performance. KleenPlate® 3.0 auto plate wash and print defect eliminator has continued to hit the mark with many new installations currently in process around the world!


Dave Burgess

Sales Director – Th e Americas