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January 23, 2024

Green, Efficient, and Cost Effective

With interest rates climbing and some suppliers still addressing pandemic era backlogs, many boxmakers are looking for ways they can immediately increase or maximize their efficiency and productivity without investing millions on a completely new production line. JB’s products and upgrades offer a cost-effective, retrofittable solution for most existing rotary die cutters and flexo folder-gluers.

Save Time, Eliminate the Worry

Popular as a retrofit on existing equipment, as well as an option for new machines, InKomand® precise ink management control lowers setup times, dramatically reduces material waste, and eliminates the operator task of constantly monitoring the ink condition during the run. InKomand continually monitors and automatically makes finite adjustment to ink characteristics (temperature, viscosity, and pH) to maintain perfect printing parameters. By automatically managing the ink, the use of ink and chemical adjusters are greatly reduced. If it becomes necessary, InKomand, without operator intervention, adds the precise amount of adjuster needed. Automating ink management allows operators to address other production-focused functions. It also eliminates dramatic viscosity and pH swings which lead to color variation, inconsistent drying, jams, sheet wraps, and spoiled ink, all of which contribute to significant waste of product, material, and time.

Saving Green While Being Green

AutoDryer Control™ (ADC)recipient of the 2023 FEFCO Silver Award for Best Innovation—is available as an upgrade on all new ColorDry XL3000 systems as well as being a popular retrofit for existing ColorDry installations. ADC eliminates the over-consumption of energy due to over-powering IR drying systems. Users of the system report minimum energy reductions of 20% with many reporting dramatically higher savings. How does it do that? ADC eliminates the guesswork in selecting the proper power setting for optimum drying efficiency. Different inks and different ink/substrates combinations require different power settings to deliver the most efficient drying. Certainly, setting all dryers to 100% power will virtually guarantee dry ink. However, max power is seldom necessary to provide optimum drying. ADC uses a learned algorithm that analyzes data for the substrate, ink, speed, and environmental conditions of the user’s facility. Using this information, ADC automatically sets and adjusts the power to maintain a globally set surface temperature target.

The system requires minimal operator interaction during the initial job setup and virtually eliminates operator intervention once the job is running or during repeat orders. This allows operators to focus their attention on tasks such as quality control or next order makeready.

Save Time, Water, and Elbow Grease!

JB’s AutoWash™ automatic plate washing system performs pre, during and post run plate washing of all plates, simultaneously in less than four minutes. Manual washing can take five to 10 minutes per plate! AutoWash reduces plate washing time by 80% to 90%, but more importantly eliminates manual washing. The system also includes a 1.5 second print defect (hickey) removal cycle that runs without interrupting production, while rendering no more than seven to nine waste sheets.

And if you’re concerned about the amount of wastewater produced by cleaning plates, AutoWash uses a “moist brush” approach, only using enough liquid to properly clean the plates, instead of washing gallons of water down the drain.

JB Machinery products are engineered to help you maximize the efficiency, productivity, product quality, and profitability of your operations, but they also contribute to your goals of being a green member of your community.

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Dave Burgess
Sales Director—The Americas