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By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


Total Saving, Energy Is Just the Beginning

It’s not breaking news that the price of energy seems to be setting new record highs every day. To maintain a competitive position in the market, boxmakers around the world are looking for ways to address and offset the substantial increase in overhead costs, without a negative impact on the quality of the finished product, or the service provided to their customers.

When You Total It Up

Each JB product has its primary function, the one where it provides its biggest benefit. However, when considering the total combined benefits, such as the reduction or elimination of wasted product and manual labor, the total savings (energy, time, waste, labor, and customer satisfaction) are astounding.

Energy Is Just the Beginning

JB’s AutoDryer™ Control (ADC) focuses on dramatically reducing the unnecessary overconsumption of energy. Adopters of this innovative technology have reported dramatic reductions in energy usage. That savings alone substantially reduces overhead costs, but the savings are not limited to the cost of energy. ADC also minimizes operator interaction during the initial job setup and virtually eliminates interaction once the job is running, or during repeat orders. This allows operators to focus their attention on other important tasks such as quality control or next order makeready.

A habit of operators is to “over-power” the dryers—setting all colors to 100% power or an equal power setting across all colors—to A) ensure drying of the most difficult to dry color and B) minimize their setup times. Certainly 100% will dry all the ink, but depending on the ink, coverage, substrate, machine speed, and other variables, one color may require a substantially lower power setting than another.

Using proven factors, a Global Temperature is assigned based on the JB algorithm and order recipe. Each dryer automatically follows the Global set point to maintain the desired temperature while optimizing power usage for each print station. Global or individual temperatures can be overridden though it’s seldom necessary.

Save More

ADC offers dramatic saving opportunities to ColorDry® XL3000 users, but JB offers opportunities for boxmakers to automate processes, optimize labor, enhance efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

JB’s AutoWash™ automatic plate washing system performs pre, during, and post run plate washing of all plates, simultaneously in less than 4 minutes. Manual washing can take 5 to 10 minutes per plate. AutoWash™ reduces plate washing time by 80 to 90 percent, but more importantly eliminates manual washing. The system also includes a 1.5 second print defect (hickey) removal cycle that runs without interrupting production, while rendering no more than 7 to 9 waste sheets.

The InKomand® precise ink management control continually monitors and automatically makes finite adjustment to ink characteristics (temperature, viscosity, and pH) to maintain perfect printing parameters. By automatically managing the ink, the use of ink and chemical adjusters is greatly reduced. If it becomes necessary, InKomand®, without operator intervention, adds the precise amount of adjuster needed. Automating ink management allows operators to address other production focused functions. It also eliminates dramatic viscosity and pH swings which lead to color variation, inconsistent drying, jams, and sheet wraps, which lead to significant waste of product, material, and time.


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Dave Burgess

Sales Director — The Americas