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January 23, 2024

Kento Hybrid® a true corrugated box plant machine

Combining flexo with single-pass inkjet into one machine, Kento developed the first and only hybrid printer specifically designed for corrugated. Recognized with an innovation award during the 2021 FEFCO Technical Seminar, this technology promises significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

With active hybrid printers and demo sites in North America and Europe, Kento Hybrid® added an inline rotary die cutter option in 2023, making Kento Hybrid a true corrugated box plant machine and a game changer for the corrugated printing industry.

A widespread problem

Plant owners know that traditional flexo printing isn’t cost-efficient for all projects. Printing plate costs turn too expensive in short and mid-size printing runs, and the long setup times take a toll on the overall operating efficiency.

Digital single-pass may seem a viable choice, but digital inks are too expensive for solid backgrounds and high coverage designs, limiting their profitable use to small runs or specific high-end packaging projects.

Lower printing costs and higher ROI

Kento Hybrid will boost the return on investment—ROI and the overall equipment efficiency—OEE of any plant, while delivering quality graphics on corrugated.

A Kento Hybrid line uses from one to three flexo units to print solid backgrounds or spot colors with affordable analog inks and prints high-resolution graphics with a single-pass inkjet module, reducing the need for printing plates and saving up to 80% in digital ink costs.

Combining the best of both worlds, Kento Hybrid will match the performance of any single-pass digital printer, and—compared to flexo printers—will be unbeatable in printing runs up to 100,000 square feet, which account for many of the projects in an average corrugated plant.

You will also be surprised by its TCO—total cost of ownership—with a lower initial investment than most printers, and a faster ROI that you’ll get with the improved margins and efficiency, becoming more competitive in existing and new markets.

New in 2023: In-line Rotary Die Cutting

As an enhancement to its unique printing capabilities, Kento offers the world’s first in-line rotary die cutter on a digital printing machine, adding extra advantages in efficiency, speed, cost-effectiveness, precise and accurate cutting results, and amazing versatility. A true end-to-end print and die cut solution for casemakers.

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Lloyd Kent
Vice President Sales and Operations—North America