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Kolbus America

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


Kolbus America is the North American division of Kolbus GmbH, a German manufacturer producing precision engineered flexo rotary die cutters and AutoBox on-demand box making machines, in addition to their award-winning rigid box and luxury packaging machines.

Success for the RD 115S

2022 proved to be a year of significant importance for Kolbus as they installed several of their newly released and highly anticipated Kolbus RD 115S flexo rotary die cutters.

This fully servo machine features advanced technology including image stretch/shrink functionality, plate skewing for fine adjustments without opening the machine, a feed unit with repeatable sheet separation with servo driven feed wheels and lift grid, and a rigid cast iron frame die-cutter module.

“The RD 115S is a premium, German-engineered rotary die cutter with state-of-the-art automation, advanced servo-technology, and user-friendly controls. We are pleased to continue introducing more of these converting machines into the North America market throughout the next year,” said Jeff Dietz, President, Kolbus America.

New England Wooden Ware Packaging and Display, based in Gardner, Massachusetts, celebrated their 185th year of business with an investment in a five-color Kolbus RD 115S, installed in summer 2022. NEWW is the first company on the East Coast with this Kolbus die cutter, offering customers unmatched print quality with efficient, dependable production. The Kolbus RD 115S replaced a 2008 115 Six-Color Hycorr Hygraphics.

“We have been thoroughly impressed with the machine quality. Simply put, the machine is an engineering marvel,” said Steve MacDonald, Production Manager, NEWW. “From the 4 thick cast-iron side frames, print quality, on-time installation with exceptional training, and after installation support, we couldn’t be more pleased with our investment in the Kolbus RD 115S. It’s allowed us to print jobs immediately, that took us years to perfect.

“Not only was our delivery and installation completed on time, their service team has responded quickly to address our initial questions and concerns with prompt support for this important machine installation,” added MacDonald.

Wasatch Container, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has also installed a five-color Kolbus RD 115S Flexo Rotary Die Cutter with top print capabilities, as part of an 80,000-square-foot expansion project.

“We’re excited to upgrade our rotary die-cut print capabilities and offer our customers new options from the Kolbus RD 115S,” said Jerry Frisch, Founder. “The ability to print on two sides in a single pass will boost throughput in the plant and increases Wasatch Container’s value to our customers.”

“We look forward to partnering with Wasatch Container on increasing their print capabilities and continuing to grow their already successful corrugated business,” said Dietz.

In Q1 of 2023, CompanyBox of Charlotte, North Carolina, will also be installing a three-color Kolbus RD 115S with inside print capabilities to increase printing capacity and expand their current operations.

Excellence Throughout the Company

The Kolbus America sales team continues to grow. Phil Eads has joined Kolbus as Sr. Sales Manager – Corrugated, bringing more than 30 years of corrugated industry experience. Eads manages sales for all corporate accounts and assists the Kolbus America sales team in all corrugated projects.

“Phil’s understanding of rotary die cutting and corrugated operations is a great asset to our organization and our customers,” said Dietz.

In addition to expanding their sales team, Kolbus has recently redesigned their website to provide customers with a premium user experience. Convenient features including online parts ordering, 24-hour service requests, enhanced product pages, and dynamic Sales contact forms allow customers to research products and make requests when it’s convenient for them.

“Not only is our team available for 24/7 FREE remote support, but parts orders can be received, processed, and shipped from our US parts warehouse in the same day through our online order system,” said Rebecca Rendon, Marketing Manager, Kolbus America.


Kolbus is focused on supporting the growing RD 115S customer base with a large, local spare parts inventory and through significant investments to grow the Kolbus technical service team in North America.

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