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KPI Incorporated

January 23, 2024

From Concrete to Conveyor

KPI Incorporated (Indianapolis, IN) — Here to help you on your next equipment project with rigging, concrete foundations, utility service drops, and material handling equipment. With over 30 years of experience in factory layouts and equipment installation, KPI represents the following partners.

PIC Precision Industrial (Washington, USA) — Nationwide leader in corrugated equipment installation and construction projects. With almost 40 years’ experience, PIC has built its reputation as a full-service industrial contractor for larger projects and when time matters most. PIC offers a single-source provider for concrete foundations, full line corrugator installations, factory relocations, equipment installations, and green field construction projects. Equipment is mobilized out of its Pacific Northwest location or its Midwest hub.

GTC Conveyor (Indianapolis, IN) — High-quality and quick ship conveyors for your box plant. In-house manufactured Plastic Meshbelt Conveyor, Lineshaft “Bundle” Conveyor, Chain Transfers, Powered Accumulating Roller Conveyor, Turntables, Pivots, and Field Controls. Full-Service field support with PLC troubleshooting, installation/removal, preventative maintenance, and strapper controls. With 50 years of experience in material handling systems, GTC Conveyor also manufactures overhead conveyor systems for flexo plate storage systems.

Michael Harris

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