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LD Davis

By Glenn Maile

January 24, 2022


LD Davis has been a leader in the glue distribution and packaging industry for over 95 years. Recently, LD Davis partnered with Europrogetti for the commercial development and exclusive distribution of Europrogetti rigid box equipment across North America. By combining our expertise with Europrogetti, we hope to enable our customers by providing access to high-quality equipment.


Europrogetti manufactures automated machines for rigid box making and has long been a leader in the cardboard processing industry. For over 30 years, they have designed and supplied equipment that has evolved with the demands of manufacturers in the luxury packaging industry.


Today’s competitive retail environment means brands and retailers are looking for better and faster packaging methods. Rigid boxes play a significant role in the packaging and delivery of high-end products. Creating rigid boxes for top-of-the-line electronics, perfumes, and jewelry has become a simplified process because of innovations like the EP100 and EP130N.

  • Business Efficiency: These compact, reliable rigid box machines make it more efficient for manufacturers to create rigid boxes. Th e machines are mobile and do not require heat-seal-ing tape, making them easy to move and more efficient for rigid box manufacturing. Both machines run at a maximum speed of 2,200 boxes per hour, enabling manufacturers to keep up with demand.
  • Manufacturing Versatility: Th e EP100 is suited for small to medium rigid box manufacturing and can create boxes up to 100mm in size. Th e EP130N can create packages up to 130mm deep and provides clamshell box creation options.
  • Customer Support: As an exclusive distributor for Europrogetti in North America, manufacturers can order rigid box equipment from LD Davis and receive assistance troubleshooting glue applications. We not only provide gelatin glue formulations for rigid box machines but offer assistance with troubleshooting.

Th e EP100 and EP130N off er a unique combination of productivity, quality, and flexibility that enables manufacturers to scale their productions efficiently. These machines provide more profitability than other traditional rigid box making equipment.

Glenn Maile is a seasoned professional of the rigid box, setup box, and turned edge industries. He is the national Account Manager for LD Davis and uses his expertise to assist customers in the packaging industry. Glenn has extensive experience in the packaging business that goes back 40 years. Glenn is dedicated to helping clients make sure their machine, substrate, and chosen adhesive provide the expected results with his expertise.


Glenn Maile

National Account Manager