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Mid America Paper Recycling

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

As a full-service recycling company, Mid America Paper Recycling recognizes customer challenges in securing reliable revenue streams. Understanding the characteristics of a quality load of recycled paper and paperboard can be difficult for corrugated converters, as each paper mill has a different “recipe,” or set of criteria, based on its specific needs. Thus, some incoming loads to a mill may not truly fit into its process. Through education and regular communication, we assist each party in recognizing quality materials, so such materials flow through to the appropriate material stream. That allows the mill to maximize the value for corrugated and paperboard, providing converters with confidence in the material quality at the mill, and securing a buyer for the waste.

Paperboard is a highly renewable resource, so recovery is crucial. Corrugated has one of the highest recycling rates of recyclable materials. But too many contaminants can ruin an entire load of what appears to be high quality used, recycled board. To combat this problem, Mid America Paper Recycling will present a robust recycling program that features consultation services, documentation, quantification, and the presentation of specific and overall value that can be realized from your waste streams.

With an eye on continuous improvement, we work closely with folding carton and corrugated converters as well as other businesses that generate paper waste. Our objective is to identify where their waste is generated, establish key collection procedures, and set goals that will continually improve their waste stream’s revenue contribution to the business.

Mid America Paper Recycling walks through hundreds of facilities, waste generators and paper mills. So we understand your operations and the equipment used, pairing your scrap to a mill’s specific material recipe that creates its finished product. Often, multiple grades are used to establish the strength and folding characteristics required to manufacture the various layers of a finished product.

“We work with customers to design solutions that align with their individual growth objectives. We meet each quarter with the operational teams, setting goals and objectives that are important to their businesses,” explains Mid America’s President Paul Pirkle. “We track our progress and carry out the initiatives. We also submit documentation and analysis to our suppliers, using the information to shape the initiatives that will bring tangible value to our client’s business. We then review past objectives to ensure we are completing them or making progress. This proactive communication helps continually improve customer relationships. It’s a differentiator.”

Mid America keeps tabs on facilities that source the various materials. “When we go to a supply point, we assess all of the material available, and factor in what’s best suited to each customer, documenting those requirements, and that’s what we deliver,” Pirkle adds.

Sourcing strategies, a long history, experience, insight and relationships give Mid America Paper Recycling the tools to grow “value streams” with its suppliers and provide paper mills and corrugated and paperboard converters with reliable service. We have contact with hundreds of mills and converters around the country; this gives us unique insight into these processes.

The manufacturing operations of a typical paper or container board plant can generate thousands of tons of pre-consumer, high-grade, recyclable paper, production trim waste and paperboard waste annually. In 2018, the folding carton industry alone shipped about five million tons of product. This can generate significant revenues for clients of Mid America Paper Recycling.

“Our goal is to find every option available to minimize waste and grow customer revenue from that waste,” Pirkle summarizes. “When recyclables are wasted, no one benefits.”

Mid America Paper Recycling provides recycling solutions for partners ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations. Founded in 1926, the fourth-generation independent broker processor and exporter of recovered paper in the Central United States uses waste handling processes proven effective in its own headquarters facility in Chicago. We utilize our own fleet and select freight partners to transport waste between suppliers, warehouses, and buyers. Let us help you transform your waste streams into value streams.

To learn more about our complimentary recycling audit, call Paul Pirkle, President, at 630-730-9055, email at or visit

A 25-year veteran of the printing industry, Paul Pirkle has reaffirmed our strategic focus on continuous improvement principles and established partnerships with many large printing and packaging companies to turn their waste streams into growing value streams. Previously, Paul served as President/CEO of Modagrafics, Inc., Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Buhl Press, and Vice President of Commercial Web Sales with Manroland.

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