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My Press Needs

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=323Imagine a die cutting press that produces high-quality results every time on myriad substrates with no make-ready. Plus, it’s easy to use for even an inexperienced operator. A pipe dream?

Since its founding in 2000, My Press Needs’ (MPN) dream – and mission – has been the development of the no more make-ready, high-quality, reliable press. We’ve reimagined and reengineered our platen presses, and today our advanced Crest™ Clamshells and patented Widemouth™ and Soft Cut™ technologies are revolutionizing die cutting.


Is no more make-ready really possible? Absolutely! Our Crest Clamshells stay flat and parallel while die cutting, virtually eliminating make-ready, and enabling faster and easier setup. We developed the presses using finite analysis engineering to study how the clamshell reacts under load while die cutting. Our design increases press/die load for greater productivity, resulting in more jobs run per shift. With an average speed of 800-1,000 sheets/hour, the Crest Clamshell outperforms tables two to five times faster with comparable quality.

All our presses – from our smallest 20 x 26 to our 3M – have advanced safety features, including a minimum of one Top Laser Safety Scanner. The Crest exceeds North American and International Safety Standards, and meets or exceeds ANSI, OSHA, CSA, and CE.


Our Widemouth and Soft Cut technologies offer new capabilities and market opportunities to corrugated, plastic, board and foam converters. Widemouth runs all existing dies steel-to-steel, and enables our clamshells to switch from traditional .937 rule to up to 3 steel rule easily, maximizing Crest’s versatility.

MPN’s Soft Cut System coupled with Widemouth amps up production possibilities even more. Soft Cut replaces traditional metal cutting plates with urethane pads and a serrated knife. Color-coded pads of varying hardness are matched with the correct knife profile to achieve zero make-ready. The change to Soft Cut dies takes less than two minutes.

With Soft Cut you can run all existing and traditional substrates with zero make-ready. Widemouth technology also die cuts “impossible” substrates – Falconboard, Ultra®Board, Foam Boards, and rigid plastics without heating the cutting die – with edge appearance comparable to steel to steel.

Rick Putch, Director of Technical Services and Process Improvement at National Steel Rule, tested Soft Cut at MPN’s Research & Training Lab. “Companies that utilize Soft Cut in platen die cutting will see significant improvement in improved edge quality, reduced cutting force, less machine abuse, prolonged tool life, elimination of ‘angel hair,’ and most important, much faster setups with zero make-ready,” said Putch. “Any company who converts corrugated paper, plastic, solid board, and even foam will be pleasantly surprised at the profitability their clamshell die cutter can provide when switching to Soft Cut.”


The dream is real; the possibilities endless. Reimagine your productivity and profitability with MPN’s advanced die cutting technology.

Rob Weidhaas, Founder and President, My Press Needs

Rob Weidhaas, Jr. is the founder and president of My Press Needs (MPN) LLC. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the converting industry, and is an active member of various industry organizations.

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