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New Savings Program for AICC Members

By AICC Staff

March 20, 2023


AICC is bringing members savings through a new affinity partnership with AICC member Procure Analytics.

Procure Analytics, a group purchasing consultancy that manages indirect categories for over 1,000 member companies with $1.5 billion in controlled spend, can offer members strategic sourcing, cost reduction, and tail spend management.

“This is a great opportunity for AICC members, both box converters and suppliers,” says AICC President Mike D’Angelo. “Procure Analytics can bring great savings and efficiencies, especially in today’s rising cost environment, all of which fall right to the bottom line.”

Procure Analytics was founded to address the complex challenges of a frequently ignored indirect spend category: maintenance, repair, and operations supplies (MRO). The nature of MRO supplies (millions of stock keeping units, thousands of individual transactions, hundreds of potential suppliers, and the relatively small cost for individual products) make MRO an under-managed category within most organizations.

Procure Analytics has since broadened its portfolio of savings programs to address several other under-managed indirect spend categories, including freight services, pallets, uniforms and rental garments, corporate travel, and many others.

“Procure Analytics is thrilled to partner with AICC,” says Billy Medof, CEO of Procure Analytics. “Leveraging $1.5 billion of group spending and a team of 100-plus data-focused procurement experts, Procure Analytics enables independent boxmakers to buy critical items at pricing and terms on par—and often even better—than Fortune 100 companies.”

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