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Now Is the Time to Begin Posting 2022 Student Internships and Career Openings

By AICC Staff

July 9, 2021

For ICPF Corporate Partners, August is the best time to begin posting student internships and career openings for 2022 graduates with majors and minors in packaging engineering, industrial engineering, business, sales, structural and graphic design, paper science and chemical engineering, supply chain management, mechanical engineering, and related fields. Once your firm posts openings on ICPF’s Career Portal, it also has access to the portal’s Résumé Bank, which currently has hundreds of résumés of students and upcoming grads seeking opportunities in production, operations, sales, and packaging design. Each year, 120–150 students and new graduates secure openings in the corrugated packaging industry through ICPF’s Career Portal and its other resources. The following are a few of the hires made through ICPF this year.

width=108Michelle Clayton (University of Florida packaging science, May 2021, and international business (MIB), December 2021) was hired as a packaging solutions and sales intern at WestRock Corp. “I attended my first ICPF teleconference with a little knowledge I had from a few classes at school. Now, two years and several ICPF events later, I am interning at one of the world’s most prominent corrugated packaging companies. The conversations I had with industry leaders at the Student Dialogue Dinner opened my eyes to all of the infinite possibilities in the corrugated industry. Each executive had so much wisdom to share and also invested in getting to know each student. The Career Portal created a perfect bridge for me to apply to internships. I’m so grateful to ICPF’s community and helpful resources!”

width=104Haley Melvin (Clemson University packaging science, 2020) was hired as a sales representative trainee at Hood Container Corp. “Shortly after ICPF reached out to me through its LinkedIn corrugated careers system, I was able to network with industry professionals and fellow students in ways that would not have been possible without ICPF. Through ICPF’s mentor program, I was able to gain more insight into the overall experience working within the industry, as well as enhanced confidence when interviewing for potential roles. I learned so much after attending the virtual Student Dialogue Dinner, which also introduced me to executives, including my current boss, and other recent graduates impacted by pandemic hiring freezes. ICPF’s Career Portal made it possible for me to apply to this career opportunity that I would not have known about otherwise. The fact that ICPF was able to make career searching practically effortless during the middle of a pandemic is beyond me!”

width=105Sam Savery-Orton (Cal Poly industrial technology and packaging, 2021) was hired for a rotational GIFT opening at Packaging Corp. of America. “After being invited through ICPF’s career network to the ICPF’s virtual Student/Executive Dialogue Dinner last fall, I was able to make numerous new connections in the corrugated industry. The Career Portal also allowed me to post my résumé to receive the maximum attention from employers, and I am very thankful for this incredible resource. I was nervous to search for employment during an international pandemic, but the ICPF Career Portal made the process of finding a career in corrugated as simple and efficient as possible. Now having served as an ICPF student representative at my university, I can confidently say that my decision to get involved with this foundation directly led to this special career opportunity.”

width=100Abby Saul (North Carolina State University paper science and chemical engineering, 2023) was hired as a pulp operations intern at WestRock Corp. “ICPF was and is super helpful in terms of allowing me to network and find jobs within the industry. ICPF’s Career Portal, LinkedIn corrugated career network, and various other resources assisted and were integral in allowing me to secure an internship for the summer. I am truly thankful to ICPF and Richard’s persistence in reaching out and ensuring that everything is well taken care of!”

width=101Emily Emahiser (Bowling Green State University visual communication technology, 2020) was hired as a packaging design engineer at Rex Carton Co. “I cannot say enough great things about ICPF. Throughout my time as a visual communication technology major at Bowling Green State University, we would take part in the annual ICPF teleconference. This teleconference is where my interest in the corrugated industry was really formed. It gave me the opportunity to learn about the industry from professionals, ask questions, and network. While the teleconference gave me tools and information, ICPF’s Career Portal is how I found my position at Rex Carton Co. The portal helped to streamline my process of making applications to reliable companies and positions aimed at what I wanted to do.”

width=104Wesley Smith (Clemson University graphic communications major and packaging science minor, 2020) was hired as a management trainee at WestRock Corp. “After being introduced to ICPF through its LinkedIn corrugated packaging career network and reading many great things about the foundation, I decided to put my résumé on the ICPF Career Portal. I was later presented with the opportunity to appear in an ICPF trade press article. Within a couple of weeks, Ihad many companies reach out to me for internships and full-time job opportunities. Thanks to ICPF’s assistance, I reconnected with WestRock, where I had previous internships, and landed a full-time management trainee opportunity.”

width=99Makayla Sarkis (Virginia Tech paper systems and design, 2021) was hired as a junior structural designer at Bay Cities Container. “ICPF’s industry dinners and multiple teleconferences really helped me to expand my knowledge about the industry, as well as learn about different career paths. The website’s Career Portal was exceptionally helpful to me in securing interviews and a full-time position at Bay Cities Container. The portal is easy to navigate and constantly being updated to help students find internships and full-time positions. I am very thankful for ICPF and Richard for helping me to acquire a career within the corrugated industry!”

width=86Richard Flaherty is president of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation.

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