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Ohio Blow Pipe

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=486width=259Since 1932, Ohio Blow Pipe has led the corrugated industry in helping box and carton manufacturers improve safety, sustainability and productivity. Ohio Blow Pipe has the most experience and expertise on NFPA and OSHA compliant solutions of air handling for scrap and dust, coupled with innovative and robust designs that keep your operation running efficiently. For close to a century, Ohio Blow Pipe has earned the reputation of standing by our installations, ensuring years of safe, reliable solutions.

As featured on SuperCorrExpo What’s New Products, we are proud to introduce the innovative AIRSCREEN® Micro, a ductless ambient air cleaner that effectively filters molecular dust AND, when optioned with a MERV 13 filter or greater, will combat and reduce the spread-risk of COVID-19, coronavirus or other contaminants. The AIRSCREEN Micro does not require outside venting, providing substantial energy savings. It is a perfect solution to improve the air quality and health of your employees, especially where source capture of dust is not practical or working, such as converting equipment, baler or shredder.

At Ohio Blow Pipe our customer’s safety is our top priority, and mitigating the risk of a dust explosion is paramount. With our in-house expert consultants, we can assist you to comply with NFPA 652 and offer a dust hazard analysis (DHA) and training courses.

At Ohio Blow Pipe, we are proud to help our customers better the environment and support the corrugated industry’s sustainability efforts to produce recyclable packaging solutions. We are continuously innovating products and solutions that safely and efficiently capture scrap to be recycled such as the Core Monster®, a low- maintenance, high-output core shredder, which can process 110 paper cores in under seven seconds. It allows cores to be recycled and eliminates material handling, disposal and associated freight costs. If using a hogger or large shredder for cores, it pays for itself by reducing maintenance and wear and tear on more expensive shredders. Other unique solutions include mechanical conveyance products such as our pit belt conveyors both continuous and direct-to-baler slider bed and elevated conveyors.

For air separation, OBP provides under and above-roof systems. The revolutionary AIRSCREEN® and AIRSCREEN®+ air separators involve less energy consumption and can be installed indoors. In addition, our cyclones can be piped to return air to the building thus consuming less energy and providing substantial cost savings.

Ohio Blow Pipe has a formal Voice of the Customer (VOC) process to truly understand our customers’ needs and values, develop new products, services and solutions to deliver those values.

In combining Ohio Blow Pipe with C&M Conveyor, we have a tremendous understanding of industry needs and can provide the complete package of customized and integrated material handling and scrap removal systems. We strive to safely and efficiently manage your entire material flow from roll to bale to shipping, and everything in between!

Brett Jaffe