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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021


2019 FTA Best of Show, WestRock Adams.


2017 FTA Best of Show, Advance Packaging.

Since 1963 Printron has provided customers with quality prepress, printing plates and cutting dies for the corrugated industry and more recently the flexible packaging industry.

In an ever changing economy, businesses thrive on agility. As a one-stop resource, Printron can tailor services to your unique requirements. By putting Printron’s line of award-winning services to work for you: File editing, image optimization, prepress, printing plates including Printron’s Quantum plate, and cutting dies, we can succeed together.

We firmly believe in the concept of Partnering! It certainly isn’t a new concept. In a manufacturing business like all of ours, there are three groups of people that can either make your business grow, or help it to fail. You need good, quality people to make your product; you need good, reliable suppliers to provide you with quality materials; and you need loyal customers who continually buy from you. If all three of these groups of people work together as a team, your business will prosper, as will your supplier’s business and your customer’s business.

What does it take to create this partnership?

Time to learn each other’s businesses. Time to learn what products and services will allow us to become better at what we produce, increase efficiencies and allow all of us to grow and prosper.

Trust in the fact that our suppliers will price their products and services fairly, and not take advantage of our trust. Profit, however, must not be thought of as a dirty word! Profit is essential for sustainable growth. Without it, nothing else matters!

A true partnering process will help you be successful and a better printer. Focus on your core business while building partnerships that will give you products that will help make you successful.

After all, “We are all judged by your customer’s success!”

In the past 35 years Printron has partnered with companies from coast to coast, learning from each other and watching them have great success in the high graphics market. Since 1996 Printron customers have won 18 Best of Show awards in the major print competitions! Samples of the most recent four items are shown here.

All of these printers are true partners and we enjoy working with each of them!

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Sales Manager


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2018 TAPPI CorrPak Corrbie Award Best of Show, McLean Packaging.


2020 FTA Best of Show, Great Northern Corporation Chippewa Falls.