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January 23, 2024

The paper and board industry continues to face exceptional demand, and the paper and board packaging sector faces wide-ranging challenges to raise its efficiency and productivity to meet ever-increasing needs.

As a trusted partner to the North American Paper & Board industry, Flint Group seeks to support its customers by offering consistent, high-quality inks and coatings available on a global supply basis and backed by a sustainable and digital business model. To achieve this, the company has an overarching focus on product excellence.

For Flint Group, delivering product excellence means truly understanding what our customers (and their customers) want, anticipating their needs in the future, and fundamentally understanding how they use our products and services to offer best-in-class solutions.

It also involves the production of inks and coatings with optimum efficiency, minimal waste, and providing the best value. Securing right-first-time products and services, on time, every time, then serves up advantages for both supplier and customer.

Flint Group focuses on specific aspects within its model for product development to ensure all products strive for excellence:


Every brand and its packaging supply chains face the challenge of meeting ESG (environment, social, governance) goals. Flint Group’s sustainability strategy supports these needs, offering responsible products and eco-friendly solutions for the packaging industry. Part of this strategy includes using water-based inks with renewable content and ensuring our products are recycling-friendly. Sustainability is a top priority in our product development process.


Flint Group understands the value of print excellence for brands in today’s highly competitive CPG markets. Our team has a continuous improvement mindset ensuring the right color, first time, every time. Not only that, Flint Group backs this commitment with its VIVO Color Solutions platform—an intelligent digital database of colors and mixing recipes for any combination of ink type, printing method, and print media.


Packaging plays a critical role in protecting and preserving goods. We strive to develop inks and coatings with attributes that boost packaging performance. From durability to extending product shelf life to packaging convenience, our research and development teams are focused on delivering next-generation solutions that offer ultimate press and pack performance.


Efficiency is vital in today’s packaging printing industry. We optimize our inks and coatings for speed, minimal setup and waste, and consistent results. This focus on efficiency helps our customers meet fast turnaround demands. Flint Group knows press and equipment efficiency is critical for printer success, and we design our next-generation inks and coatings for maximum operational efficiency.


Flint Group’s inks and coatings are continually assessed for compliance with national and international legislation—both current and emerging. With ethical management of our supply chain, we ensure our suppliers are accredited to a stringent range of quality standards.

The Power of Product Excellence

Demonstrating the power of Flint Group product excellence, Flint Group’s water-based ink dispersion technology, OctaCode, is explicitly designed for a circular packaging economy.

Part of the AQUACode range of water-based solutions for paper and board printers, OctaCode is a new powerful technology that both protects and performs, offering high color strength, high-quality graphics, and stability on and off press.

Free of harmful minerals and solvents, the technology is safe for operators and end users alike and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including corrugated pre- and post-print, lightweight liners, paper sacks and dry food bags, shopping bags, gift wrap, aseptic and fresh packaging, and more. Furthermore, this technology can be paired with our trusted extender brands like GFX, StableFlex, and others!

The wide-ranging color capabilities delivered by OctaCode mean brands achieve outstanding graphic performance on every job. With its high pigment loading, superb gloss, and transparency effects, as well as excellent performance on both porous and nonporous substrates, OctaCode is a surefire way for brands to stand out on the shelf.

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Deanna Klemesrud
Global Director, Brand and Communication