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Quest7, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

When I was growing up my dad worked at box plants. He started off his career helping run machines while advancing in leadership roles. I remember the unique smell of a plant during my visits. A smell that today reminds me of when I would get to visit my dad at work. All I ever wanted to do was listen to those headphones or walk along all the conveyors—neither of which I was allowed to do.

In March 2003, our family embarked on a new adventure—my parents were starting their own business in our garage. At first, I will admit it was scary. Owning a family business would take a lot of work, and we would be faced with many challenges along the way. We have learned a lot over the last 17 years, but I would say the last 12 months have been the toughest.

In last year’s issue my dad wrote about how grateful he was for the people that had encouraged him over the years and the mentors that had influenced him. The fall of 2019 our family broke ground on a new state of the art manufacturing facility. For a small company starting in a garage, this was a large undertaking which took a lot of faith. We had fun picking out cabinets, paint color and the overall design. My dad and Jake spent hours researching new machines and determining their perfect locations. The excitement continued to build when we hosted our manufacturing employees Christmas luncheon at the new building, and they were able to see it. It was really happening.

January and February were spent organizing riggers to move machines, and strategically coordinating dates for the new ones to arrive. March was here, and all of us were finally in our new location. And then COVID-19. I have to say the months of March and April were exhausting. The daily phone calls, emails and news briefings started to take a toll. It seemed like a horrible nightmare as I thought “I cannot wait for this to be over”… and we are all still waiting. The last 10 months have been tough. We have all been through a lot.

This article isn’t to remind us of all our trials. I want to share with you the resilience I have seen in our employees and our customers. I watch our employees work tirelessly to get orders out to customers, so they can provide essential products around the world. When other companies were cutting hours, we were working overtime. When schools went online our son and his friends came and helped us. I considered this an odd blessing. During this whole season, we never laid anyone off, we have hired additional staff, and thankfully have all stayed healthy. We are beyond grateful for the successful year Quest7 is having. We never want to take for granted the orders we receive, the customers we help, the families we employ, or all that has been given to us to steward.

We are a true family business. The owners Tim & Laurie Burns are my parents. My husband Jake oversees all manufacturing. Our son Jaxon (18) has learned multiple positions. Because of the influences he has been around his entire life, he looks forward to pursuing a degree in Accounting and Business Administration fall 2021. Our daughter Taylin (14) also comes and helps with various jobs. But it’s not just our immediate family. I currently work with 2 uncles (Dexel Burns & Jerry Storm), an aunt, a cousin, and a brother in law. We also employ two sets of brothers, a mother and her daughter (Sarah Pfieffle) along with many others who are like family.

I wanted to share this because I want you to know how important this business is to us. Our customers are not just a number, we know them by name. We know about their families. We understand the special needs plants have. They know they can contact us nights and weekends. They know we will always do our best to meet their needs. Our customers mean the world to us and we are forever grateful.

Tiffanie Armstrong

Executive Director of Operations