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By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022

Signode, a leading manufacturer of a broad range of end-of-line packaging equipment, tools, consumables as well as end-to-end automation and warehouse automation solutions, is continuing to serve the corrugated industry through its investments in technology, equipment, and service.

Signode’s advancements are designed to help the corrugated industry meet the challenges and opportunities accelerated by exploding E-commerce growth, rising sustainability requirements, and the ongoing need for brand and product protection.

Delivering Optimal Outcomes

The organization’s approach to solving client challenges is a careful, step-by-step process aimed at delivering a holistic solution that balances overall value with investment. First, Signode conducts an on-site review of operations to understand challenges and discover opportunities for improvement. Second, the team designs optimal solutions, supplying equipment, software, process, and consumable recommendations that are field tested in its ISTA-certified labs for validation. Third is executing the concept. Signode collaborates with clients to commission equipment, set up automation, configure software, and provide training to help minimize downtime. The final step is service and support, with the organization facilitating service and operator training, scheduling preventative maintenance, and providing on-site support.

Equipment and Consumable Highlights

GCU SmartFlex-S compression strapping system

The innovative GCU SmartFlex-S compresses and straps corrugated loads utilizing a modular head design for easy maintenance and operation. Accommodating up to four strapping heads in six positions, the GCU SmartFlex-S provides more strap

placement options, improved single

stroke capability, and higher throughput to maximize production.

SIG-CORR bundle strapping and squaring system

The most advanced combined bundle squarer/strapper of its type currently available, SIG-CORR is a proven, reliable, and economical solution for the corrugated industry.

Designed to maximize productivity, the SIG-CORR features 6-sided automatic squaring and strapping up to 30 bundles per minute for strapping three, four, and multipoint glued boxes. Product handling guides bundle directly on the critical gluepoint line.

SIG-VCS Tandem automatic corrugated strapping and squaring bundler

This novel system combines the power of two squaring bundlers connected with dual zone conveyors to meet the extreme demands of modern flexo-folder gluers (FFGs) including inline bundle breakers and speeds up to 36 bundles per minute.

Octopus® automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers

For those looking to unitize corrugated pallet loads, the Octopus lines of machinery are able to wrap up to 150 loads per hour and feature the high-speed ring-type method of wrapping. Robust design and well-balanced operation maximize efficiency and reliability. More than 5,000 Octopus machines are in operation in nearly 100 countries.

Lachenmeier stretch hood wrappers

Versatile, 5-sided product protection for effective load containment is the hallmark of our line of stretch hood pallet wrappers. Be it increased load stability, reduced packaging material, minimal waste, or an improved packaging solution, Signode stretch hooders offer the perfect mix between function and value. Our fully automatic stretch hood machines offer the required load stability to any pallet configuration at reduced cost.

Xeros® White stretch hood film


An industry mainstay, patented Xeros film provides loads that are quickly and effectively secured and also free of contaminants and moisture. With the film’s “10-sided” (5 outside surfaces + 5 inside surfaces) waterproof protection, users can feel confident their corrugated containers remain free from moisture before packing.

The multi-layer film technology effectively manages sunlight to reduce condensation and creates an impermeable barrier to liquids. New Xeros White provides greater transparency to allow for more efficient barcode readability and enhanced track-and-trace capacity.

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