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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=301 width=303We are all too familiar with the old cliché “time is money,” but it is challenging to find an industry where it rings more true than in corrugated. Mere minutes of downtime resulting from routine jams or changeovers can cost thousands of dollars in lost profits. Such is the daily peril in a high-volume, low-margin space.

At Signode, we listen to the needs of our customers in the corrugated industry, and are excited to unveil our newest end-of-line innovation, specifically designed to cut out the sources of downtime that eat into profit margins industry wide: the SIG-VCS Tandem Automatic Bundler System. This automatic corrugated cross strapping and squaring bundler leverages the power of two bundlers and conveyors to increase efficiency and throughput and is capable of up to 36 bundles per minute at busy box plants.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the OEM-agnostic SIG-VCS Tandem, which is ready to seamlessly integrate into any production line, is its versatility and efficiency in handling changing production needs. The bundler is capable of refeeding the strap up to three times without operator support. It is also equipped with bundle diversion technology, allowing it to divert all work to the functional bundler in the event that the other is not operational. Both of these innovations keep downtime to a minimum, maximizing profits and efficiency.

Beyond bundling, Signode has much more to offer in the way of comprehensive, innovative equipment that unifies and optimizes output and maximizes profitability and cost savings. Our highly intuitive Octopus™ Twin Series automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper has become an asset to box plants around the country. It has the ability to accommodate variable load sizes and features multiple machine options to save money while meeting varying packaging challenges. With the ability to wrap up to 150 loads per hour, the Octopus™ Twin features the classic ring-type method of wrapping, coupled with a unique dual film cartridge design, offering maximum efficiency and reliability.

The machine’s ring design allows unlimited wrap patterns, because it can begin and end film cycles at any vertical point on the load. This versatility and flexibility alone reduces film usage by up to 25% and reduces film roll changes by 50%. The Octopus™ Twin is not limited to traditional rotary wrap methods, either. It also offers the ability to wrap using the innovative “s” wrap pattern, which improves pre-stretch levels and can better handle a variety of films and lower the overall cost of ownership.

These two leading-edge technologies are just a few of the unique unitizing solutions that Signode can deploy to your facility to optimize profitability by maximizing throughput and minimizing bottlenecks. From KD cartons to triplewall or point-of-purchase displays, specialty boxes, gaylord boxes and more, Signode’s corrugated box plant unitizing and bundling solutions offer unparalleled performance, simple maintenance and increased uptime to the corrugated industry. Visit to learn about what we can do for your operations.

With over $2B in revenue, 80+ manufacturing facilities across 6 continents and over 7,000 employees worldwide, Signode is a leading manufacturer of a broad spectrum of transit packaging consumables, tools, software, and equipment that optimize end-of-line packaging operations and protect products in transit. Signode brings this extensive product portfolio together to offer complete transit packaging solutions to its customers.

Bryce Key

Corrugated Segment Manager


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