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By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023

Signode Delivers Enhanced Automation and Achieves Customer Successes With Remote Monitoring, Sophisticated Downline Redundancy, and Industry-Leading Technology

Enhancing its automation solutions for the corrugated industry in 2022, Signode was able to provide customers with remote monitoring, sophisticated downline redundancy, and industry-leading technology solutions.

Boxmakers are enjoying the benefits of enhanced productivity, simplified maintenance, and production versatility due to the robust design of Signode’s automated bundlers and their integration with software and remote monitoring systems.

“As boxmakers continue to invest in increased throughput, they are searching for high-speed bundling, in-line redundancy, and remote monitoring to better balance speed with reliability,” said Mike Stein, VP Sales, Marketing, and Product Management for Signode. “We’re designing and delivering the solutions that allow them to future-proof their operations.”

Sophisticated Downline Technology Tied to Remote Monitoring

Introduced in 2021 in North America, more than 200 of Signode’s SIG-VCS and VCS TANDEM Automatic Bundler Systems are now in use in the United States primarily in boxmaking plants. The system combines the power of two VCS squaring bundlers connected with dual zone conveyors to meet the throughput demands of FFGs with inline bundle breakers, operating at speeds up to 36 bundles per minute.

SIG-VCS TANDEM is recognized for its smart diversion technology that sends all bundles to the active bundler during a coil change or while the other temporarily inactive bundler “fixes itself” with an auto refeed feature. After the inactive bundler changes the coil or the successful refeed corrects the misfeed, the inactive bundler will come back online automatically and share the workload with the active bundler.

Remote monitoring software enables plant managers and technicians to see how the equipment is operating and help to further shift to optimized preventative maintenance models, for instance by alerting the technical staff that it’s encountering too many strap refeeds.

Industry-Leading Technology

The GCU-3 offers a corrugated-industry first: up to six modular heads, providing enhanced flexibility with the most strap placement options available today. This system optimizes reliability and redundancy for maximum throughput, making it one of the fastest, most user-friendly unitizers in the industry.

Sensitive compression and variable head tension capabilities are other valuable enhancements to the well-known GCU system. The GCU-3 delivers highly accurate and repeatable platen compression levels for differing loads. Working in concert with variable head tension, this allows for the delivery of consistency, reduced downtime, optimized throughput, improved package integrity, and minimized product damage.

The GCU-3 also features compact strap dispensers with a new space-saving footprint and quick-change coils to decrease downtime and increase throughput. Its larger interactive HMI control panel enables easier operation, maintenance, and self-diagnostics for advanced troubleshooting and corrective actions.

Lower TCO

Featuring fast bundle size setup and a speed of up to 32 bundles per minute, the SIG-C series possesses the lowest cost of ownership. It’s equipped with a patented low tension strap ejector to head off when operating in low strap tension mode.

The SIG-C has a robust design and low maintenance simplicity, including an all-metal strap chute with minimal wear parts. Automatic strap loading and refeed technology were designed for peak performance and continuous strapping.

“We are looking forward to even closer customer collaborations in 2023,” said Stein. “The more we understand equipment user needs, the more our global teams in engineering, reliability services, and technical support can deliver optimal outcomes for our customers.”

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