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Solema USA

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023

Looking at pads or partitions? Think Solema

We are all involved in the paperboard converting industry, often in manufacturing, diecutting, or boxmaking equipment.

But where do the internal elements of the box come from?

Pads and partitions, commonly known as “secondary packaging,” are put inside of boxes to encase and protect the transported goods. This part of your business should be second to none as what’s inside the box is of utmost importance to protect while in transit.

We’re generally speaking of paperboard products or occasionally of other materials such as plastic or foam. Pads are created by orthogonal cuts from paperboard sheets. Partitions require an accurate cut and must also be assembled in like manner.

There are industrial machines designed to get these types of products from paperboard sheets or straight from the reel.

Solema’s Specialties

The way to go: We offer machines for both cutting and assembly.

Our Universal Cutting Machine, or Uni.Co, allows you to get pads and partition elements from corrugated paperboard sheets or solid paperboard reel using punching technology—with 2 main advantages:

  • Waste-free partitions in 1 pass.
  • Punching tools (easily stored in our small tooling table) with standard or customizable patterns allow you to set up anything you need without having to buy multiple, individual plates to store and reduce wait times (DIY tech).

Stop doing it by hand. Our Andax Assembler (regular, wide, or jumbo) will help automate the assembly process for you, creating partitions by injecting the longitudinal and transversal elements together.

When you think of cutting and converting for your pads and partitions business, think Solema.