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Stafford Corrugated Products, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022

It’s a well-documented fact that the Corrugated Container Industry is a leading economic indicator of the overall strength of our economy. The strength of the Corrugated Industry in 2021 reflects the tremendous growth of Stafford Corrugated Products as well. Looking forward, we anticipate this growth to continue for both the industry and Stafford. 2021 proved itself to be a very challenging year for both suppliers and producers of Corrugated materials. If there is one thing that the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us, it is that the Corrugated Box is here to stay!

For more than 30 years, Stafford Corrugated Products has been a resource to the Corrugated Industry as a supplier of quality replacement and consumable parts for all makes of Corrugated machinery. As a result, Stafford has earned the reputation of being the “go-to” guys when it comes to seeking solutions to everyday maintenance and production needs for parts and equipment. On practically a daily basis, someone from our Technical Team will receive a message from a customer asking, “Do you guys make this?” From consumable parts to complete machinery enhancement systems, Stafford has you covered. We are constantly adding new items to our ever-growing portfolio, and we look forward to adding even more as our industry continues to grow.

Stafford is proud to offer our industry the RODICUT Die Cut Anvil Blanket. There is a RODICUT Anvil Cover for every conceivable make of Rotary Die Cutter ever produced. Available in single width, double wide and almost every width in between, we’ve got you and your Rotary Die Cutter covered! The unique “knuckle locking” compression system makes these Anvil Covers the easiest to install as well as rotate. Made to meet or exceed OEM specifications, our Anvil Covers contribute to longer cover life and better quality finished die cut sheets. In addition, Stafford’s team of Technical Sales Reps have a combined total of over 260 years of relevant industry experience. We are here to assist you and your operating crews to maximize your investments and maintain optimum uptime. Our knowledge base allows us to offer you in person training and troubleshooting of many common that box plants today must contend with. Is your Die Cutter equipped with a freewheeling, equalizing compensation system manufactured by a different company? Stafford has more total years of experience and can offer you training as well as spare and replacement parts.

Is your Cutting Die Cylinder littered with stripped holes or broken bolts? Are your operators unable to utilize every hole in the cutting die to get optimum performance? Stafford offers the service of sending fully trained crews to your facility and overhaul the entire cylinder. All of the existing inserts are removed and replaced and every hole on that cylinder is replaced with brand new inserts. This service is performed in your plant over a weekend when the machine is not running so as not to interfere with your production schedule. Your cutting die cylinder becomes brand new, once again!

Stafford Corrugated Products wishes to thank our loyal customers for their trust and support. We look forward to working with you in 2022 and beyond.

For more information, please contact your local Stafford Technical Sales/Service representative or call our Customer Support Team at 800-282-5787. Check out the most comprehensive and critically acclaimed product catalog in the industry on our web site at And watch for the grand opening of our new World Headquarters and factory. A better and more efficient way to serve you.

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