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H.B. Fuller

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022



As environmental awareness keeps rising, reducing the overall amount of primary packaging materials and using fewer resources are becoming strong demands of end consumers. The fast-growing business of e-commerce has changed the way we buy, and since a large percentage of purchases arrive at the consumer’s doorstep, companies are looking more at right-size packaging options and expecting the use of more recycled materials. The goal is to reduce their carbon footprint, while ensuring their e-commerce packaging protects the contents and offers excellent customer experience.

Sesame® Sustainable Tear Tape

Stay ahead of the competition with sustainable e-commerce packaging design, using new award-winning Sesame® Evolution™ fiber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) opening tapes.

H.B. Fuller expert engineers designed Sesame Evolution sustainable opening tear tapes to provide frustration-free opening on e-commerce packages. Unlike plastic tapes, our breakthrough sustainable fiber-based solution recycles directly with the board, and adds usable fiber to the recycling stream in support of the circular economy. In summary, Sesame Evolution:

  • Adds usable fiber to recycling stream
  • Enables mono-material recycling stream
  • Eliminates plastic substrate

The sustainable fiber-based opening tear tape received the Sustainability Award at the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) Technical Seminar in 2021. It is designed for a thrilling consumer “unboxing” experience of everyday packages used to ship goods from

e-tailer to consumer.

Sesame® Dry End Splicing


Sesame® Dry End Splicing Assembly is especially suitable for e-commerce packaging because dry end PSA opening tear tapes are used for easy frustration-free opening of mailers, bags and boxes received via online orders. This new H.B. Fuller equipment is designed for easy roll-to-roll splicing with the Sesame PSA tape to eliminate corrugator downtime due to roll changes and help manufacturers improve productivity and respond to the growing need of an efficient supply chain for e-commerce packaging. The system is designed, built and installed by H.B. Fuller expert engineers who have intimate knowledge of equipment setup to maximize productivity with Sesame tapes.

  • In summary, the Sesame Dry End Splicing allows manufacturers to:
  • Efficiently run tape with roll-to-roll splicing
  • Increase corrugator uptime to meet aggressive e-commerce demand
  • Save money in corrugated board waste and in butt roll waste
  • Meet OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) goals

H.B. Fuller focuses on developing sustainable adhesives, adhesive coated tapes and equipment for the growing e-commerce packaging market. For more information, visit

Sesame® is a trademark of H.B. Fuller company (“H.B. Fuller”) or an affiliated company of H.B. Fuller.


Tania Montesi

Global E-Commerce Business Development Manager


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