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Stafford Cutting Dies, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=266width=358As our environment has changed so has Stafford Cutting Dies. One change is all products are being manufactured under one roof generating efficient manufacturing while assuring the same consistent quality, regardless of destination.

To achieve this, we needed to focus on delivering our products further in a safe, quick, self-reliant, and efficient manner. We expanded our current transportation system to more than 14 delivery vehicles utilizing a multiple spoke and hub system. This lets us deliver tooling over 600 miles from Charlotte next day in our exclusive vehicles. Since our delivery vans do most of their work between midnight and mid-morning, it also allows eight extra production hours in today’s tight turn-around expectations.

Additionally, this system allows us to pick up your cutting dies in need of repair or revision without the necessity to package them or contract with outside couriers. Our driver loads your tooling in our vans, takes them to our nearest service center for repair or revision, then returns them as requested, generating efficient and timely turnaround times.

All three remote service locations are outfitted with the equipment, materials and trained technicians needed to repair the full array of tooling we produce. This offers confidence knowing turnaround of an emergency repair should never be an issue.

We use the Verizon Connect Reveal System to track our vehicles, monitor our employees’ driving habits and view any unusual activity via web cameras mounted inside our delivery vehicles.

All delivery vans are equipped with Tablets using custom software that provide our drivers with directions, specific instructions for each customer on where to go, where to place deliveries, record digital signatures and take photos of items when signatures are unavailable. You can view info including signatures or pictures online via your secure login on our website.

Give us an opportunity to show you how our delivery system can make your job easier.

width=120Guy Earley

Sales/Marketing Manager

Office: 704-821-6330

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