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Stickle Steam Specialties

By Will Stickle

January 24, 2022


Stickle Steam Specialties continues to see success with its Corrugated Steam System Dashboard. Let us, the experts, monitor your steam system during full production, alert you when any arise, and deliver the support you need when you need it the most. Our Dashboard monitors your steam system 24/7, ensuring safety, quality, and reliability for your steam system from boiler room to corrugator. By retrieving real time data, the Dashboard allows you to make instantaneous decisions to optimize your plant, as well as develop long term execution goals to operate at peak performance. We manage to achieve this by installing ultrasonic recording devices on boiler room and corrugator equipment. These devices relay all data points to the secure data host in the cloud, and the Dashboard visually presents this in a graphical format for the end user to better make decisions for their steam system. While building your Dashboard interface Stickle Steam can customize each data point to our customer’s request. Bring the ability to stay informed, be proactive with safety, and decision-making and make data-driven system decisions to your facility—talk to us about the Corrugated Steam System Dashboard.


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Will Stickle

Sales Executive