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The Now and the Future Are Bright!

By Michael D’Angelo

September 13, 2023

Happy New Year!

AICC began a new fiscal year, 2024, on July 1. As you might expect, there is always a flurry of activity at the close of the fiscal year—invoices, credits, reconciliations, all necessary to be able to “button up” the books and provide the AICC board of directors with the year-end reporting financially and for the destination model that drives the board’s vision through AICC activities. We will provide a full report on the just-closed year to BoxScore readers in the November/December issue.

Despite the year-end needs, I much prefer getting out of the office. I took a couple of trips that have made me extremely optimistic about the paper-based packaging industry, in general, and AICC members, in particular.

The first was an early May visit to the Acme Corrugated Box Co. Inc. in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. The occasion was an open-house celebration of the longtime AICC member’s most recent addition, both to the footprint of the plant and to the equipment and solutions the company offers to serve its customers. In business for more than 100 years, the Cohen family opened their doors, and plenty of customers showed up. That was great to see. But it was the number of suppliers, friends of Acme, former employees, and well-wishers who were on hand that impressed me and really contributed to the spirit of the event. A true tribute to the Cohens, the relationships that they’ve built and the camaraderie of this great industry.

And the technology! New equipment in the form of a 110″-wide Fosber double-wall corrugator, a K1-X Jumbo from Global Boxmachine, and a WIP High Rack Storage System from WSA USA all combine to increase an already impressive capacity with Acme’s modern stable of machines and professional team.

Acme’s open house was a reminder of the amount of box plant expansions, new plant startups, and a still sizable number of equipment installations AICC members have going on at this time. It really is exciting!

Then in early June, I had the great honor to speak at the AICC Emerging Leaders Chairman’s Field Trip, hosted by incoming AICC Chair Matt Davis and Packaging Express in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With all the talk of millennial and Generation Z pros and cons, participating in this 40-person event has me confident that our box plants, our industry, and this Association are in really capable hands for the future. I spoke with them about “leading from any level,” and I can say this is a group eager to learn, with much to contribute, and eager to lead.

A diverse group by responsibility, family, geography, and experience, each one was able to teach me something. These young people offer incredible perspectives. They are knowledgeable and confident and are true assets to their businesses. If you have young people in your organization, please give them an opportunity to join this group.

I am extremely proud that AICC offers the Emerging Leaders program!

Michael D’Angelo
AICC President