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By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022

TRESU is a highly specialized company offering flexo printing machines, ancillary products and concepts for flexo, digital and offset printing and genuine spare parts as well as customer service and technical support. TRESU has 40 years of experience and expertise in the development, production and maintenance of engineered solutions and supplies directly to end-customers, OEMs and partners worldwide.

TRESU has production facilities in Denmark and sales companies in USA, Germany, Italy, Japan and China as well as an international agency network providing local support and know-how.

TRESU presents solutions to optimize wide web corrugated applications through faster cleaning cycles and higher print quality consistency. From 40 years of accumulated experience with printing and coating solutions supplied to leading brands all over the world, we know that automation, simple logistics and easy handling are central qualities of the printing line.

TRESU’s ancillary equipment provides fully controlled ink logistics on each flexo station, regulating ink flow throughout the production run in an enclosed environment from bucket to printing sleeve.

Benefits include optimized drying efficiency, higher reflective and gloss values, automatic cleaning and ink changes in minutes without manual intervention.

Key equipment includes:

  • Chamber doctor blade systems with ceramic surfaces for high corrosion resistance or carbon fiber chambers with unique ink repellent surface for extra protection against inks and detergents
  • Complete range of genuine end seals in felt, foam or EPDM and proven doctor blades in polymer, carbon steel or stainless steel for any pre- or post-printing process
  • Clamping systems for fast, safe doctor blade exchange—we offer XL blade holders for coating and printing presses requiring thicker doctor blades—with the industry’s fastest pneumatic or eccentric clamping
  • MaxiPrint CFC chamber with automated cleaning reduces a complete ink change and cleaning cycle down to 3 minutes and improves quality consistency. MaxiPrint carbon fiber chambers feature integrated cleaning nozzles with water-shot mechanisms.
  • MaxiPrint Concept offers significantly faster emptying performance because the ink or coating fluid is evacuated through both the inlet and the unique quick-emptying outlet
  • TRESU F10 iCon ink supply system regulates flow and provides automatic, fast chamber cleaning and with an automated ink supply concept the F10 iCon ink supply provides a lean solution for safe and automated ink circulation and full process control of flow, ink pressure and viscosity
  • Extending the performance of corrugated printing equipment, TRESU presents a special low foaming biodegradable cleaning detergent—TRESU Wash & Print—based on a recipe only available from TRESU



Nick Gerovac

Head of Sales TRESU Ancillary Americas