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Valco Melton

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022

As brand owners become more aware of the use of their logos on secondary packaging and that packaging is prominently used for displays in many retail outlets, the appearance of Flexo- or Digital-printed trays, wrap-around cases and RSCs is increasingly important.

The ClearVision® division of Valco Melton is introducing PrintChek™—a camera-based inspection system for corrugated sheets. From spots and hickeys to color registration problems, stripes, scratches and smeared, ghosted or missing print, PrintChek™ is able to compare each sheet to a standard and highlight defect areas. Along with defect detection, PrintChek™ reads and evaluates barcodes for quality and assesses the geometry of the sheet for size, skew and trim.

The principle involves line-scan cameras and light modules installed above or below the sheet to take images of each sheet which are re-assembled for analysis. Minimum defects down to 2.0 mm are visible. Color measurements of a delta-E value of 3 can be resolved for accurate inspection of ink recipes and matching to desired corporate color standards. If there is no viable pdf standard available to compare to, a sample sheet can be run as a golden standard. The system can also “auto-arm” by skipping a select number of setup sheets and averaging a group of sheets for developing a reliable standard.

PrintChek™ uses the familiar ClearVision BoxChek 7 interface to activate inspection tests, set tolerances and view images. A defect viewer sorts images, allows them to be zoomed in for closer examination and highlights the source of the defect. Defect data are stored in SQL format and images are stored for later inspection. A large variety of alarms, out-puts, notifications and even emails can be generated depending on the defect type to aid in defect identification and removal. Trend alarms and SPC charts track the direction of a problem and allow others in the facility to be alerted via email.


MeasurementChek™ serves as both a local and remote access point for production data, per box details and all of the data are stored on the local device, not the cloud.

Valco Melton is a leading supplier of gluing and inspection systems in the corrugated industry. Since 1952, Valco Melton has been selling and servicing equipment and providing robust solutions for the industry. ClearVision® products are dedicated to using vision for inspecting corrugated production and making removal of defects from the production stream possible.


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