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Valco Melton

January 23, 2024

How Valco Melton Continues to Make Quality Visible.

For over 75 years, Valco Melton has been a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art adhesive dispensing and quality assurance systems in the market. Throughout this time, our unwavering commitment to quality has enabled us to expand our operations to more than 95 countries, making us a renowned name in the world of corrugated manufacturing. Currently, we are at the forefront of camera-based inspection systems, and our glue stations have become the industry standard for sealing manufacturers’ joints.

The constant concern for corrugated manufacturers is ensuring their customers receive boxes that meet their specific standards. This is where we step in. In addition to our range of sensor-based inspection solutions, ClearVision, our camera-based quality inspection line, can meticulously inspect every aspect of your boxes. Whether you’re grappling with adhesive application problems or your die cutting process is causing jams in your box former, requiring valuable production time for maintenance, ClearVision has a solution for you.

One of our ClearVision solutions, GapChek, ensures that gaps align with your customer’s specific requirements before delivery. This solution captures a photo of the front and back of each corrugated box bundle, followed by an inspection of the manufacturer’s gap for all boxes to ensure they meet the specified job criteria. The optional bundle ejection system removes bundles with defective gaps from the production line. An operator can then sort the defects out of the ejected bundle.

Another standout solution from our ClearVision line is PrintChek. Representing a groundbreaking advance in print detection for the corrugated industry, our PrintChek cameras are capable of detecting defects down to 2mm and thoroughly imaging every box across the entire press before the die cutting process. With PrintChek’s full-sheet corrugated inspection, you can zoom in on specific areas such as printing and logos for closer scrutiny to ensure they are flawless.

Complementing our ClearVision quality assurance solutions, our BoardRunner and 3NCR glue stations have established themselves as the industry standard for adhesive application. Furthermore, our technology is supported by expert installation and startup assistance worldwide, providing you with peace of mind that your conversion process will be both safe and seamless.

To delve deeper into how Valco Melton can enhance your box manufacturing processes, please explore our website at or contact your local office.