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January 23, 2024

77 years of expertise in the packaging field

Vega has been projecting, developing and selling machineries for folding and gluing boxes in solid and corrugated board, since 1947, when Mario Nava founded it near Milan in Italy.

Ambassadors of “Made in Italy” in a sector highly driven by multinational groups, Vega has always been managed by a member of the Nava Family. The company entered in the packaging business with its first project, manufactured in 1947, the first Folder Gluer mod.PM350.

This company now boasts not only an important production of reliable and well-known folder-gluer machines but also end-line products and a high technological double feeder. Vega’s machines can be adapted to the most diverse requests for folding and gluing boxes in all types of cardboard and of course all of them work in compliance with Industry 4.0.

Vega really cares about clients’ needs; in order to offer the best and tailor-made solutions, all Vega machines are composed with standard and extra modules. This means that it is possible to obtain the best personalized solution; moreover, it is possible to add one or more extra modules during the years improving the production according to the changing needs.

Aquila is the ideal machine for a first plant, works perfectly for solid and light corrugated cardboard.

Polaris is available in two sizes, 90 and 110 cm, and in different configurations for processing straight line, lock-bottom, double wall, 4- and 6-corner boxes, and many more boxes visible on Vega’s box book. It’s perfect for solid cardboard and for N-E corrugated cardboard. The new Bellatrix will be released in 2024.

Rigel is the perfect machine for high performance and can be positioned on the high market segment, it’s available in two sizes, 145 and 170, to meet the different production needs of the solid board market (300–1200 g/m2) and corrugated cardboard market up to the EB flute.

Altair is a historical machine for Vega, developed in over 20 years, keeping the same name to identify a product that aims at excellence in corrugated box production and keeping up with innovation. Altair is a folder-gluer created to process corrugated cardboard; it is available in four sizes, 170, 200, 240 and 290 cm. Altair GT is the newest version, an even more performing machine with implemented safety and technological aspects. It is compatible with end-line products, not only produced by Vega but also from third parties.

Altair can turn into Altair AFD, combining the highest possible combination of workable box types in one single product, when connected to Vega’s double feeder ADF. ADF is a concentrate of technology designed to match two die cuts of maximum format from 170 to 290 cm with great precision and speed, able to work also alone.

Here are the end-line products, extremely helpful to optimize the production time and the working life of the operator: Vega Easypack counts and separates the shingled boxes right from the pressure belt of the gluer to create parcels of boxes. Through a careful and accurate analysis of the customer’s box types, it offers a wide choice of collecting solutions for parcels, starting from semi-automatic collection with single or fully automatic strapping with counting, package formation and package ejection with automatic strapping in line by means of two heads.

Vega Rotopack rotates, flips, or overlaps each single bundle, and prepares it for the best palletization process. Vega Rotopack can palletize up to six semi-bundles in one unique pack of boxes, before the automatic strapping operation. This solution is the state-of-the-art in automatic box collection. It is fully automated; it can be connected to any strapping unit on the market and used in line with any Vega folder gluer. If the boxes to collect are smaller than 200 mm or larger than 1200 mm, the units can be set aside and the standard collection can be easily set up.

It’s possible to find any information and to download all machine brochures on the Vega website,

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Jeffrey Jensen —
Stitching and Gluing Solutions
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