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What Does a ‘Winner’ Look Like?

By AICC Staff

May 27, 2016

PortraitI’m writing this on the morning after the Villanova Wildcats beat the North Carolina Tar Heels 77–74 in the NCAA championship game. Nothing beats being a part of a winning team—just ask the guys at Villanova. No one wants to lose; imagine how North Carolina feels. In fact, one of the most basic human desires is the desire to win. It really doesn’t matter what is at stake—people are naturally competitive and want to win. All we need to know is what it takes to win at something—or what winning looks like—and let the games begin.

Just about a year ago I was introduced to a unique concept called “destination modeling,” and I learned of it at AICC’s 2015 Spring Meeting down in Naples. Destination modeling is part of a strategic agility program developed by Holly Green, CEO of The Human Factor, an organizational consulting and behavior firm in Denver. Holly Green was introduced to AICC and its members by our immediate past Chair, Greg Tucker of Bay Cities. When I learned more about this concept at AICC’s meeting, I signed up for an intense, yearlong program for Richmond Corrugated that is building a “destination model” of what our winning strategy looks like three years down the road. We are learning to identify what winning looks like for our organization. After we answered organizational questions like “Why do we exist?” (mission) and “How will we behave?” (values), we began describing in detail what winning looks like for our organization. Every company is different, but we’ve defined it in terms of dollar sales; square footage produced per man-hour; measurable waste reduction; customer satisfaction and retention; employee engagement and turnover; and profitability and shareholder value. Every person on our team is learning what a Richmond Corrugated “win” will look like in terms of these metrics, and how each of these relates to his or her specific job. Once everyone sees this, the organization is more likely to start chalking up the wins, because seeing is believing.

So, do you know what your “win” looks like? With Holly Green’s “Ready, Aim… Win!” program available to AICC members, you can identify it, model it, and write the road map to get there. This is another reason why I believe “winning” companies are part of AICC and all this association offers. In fact, AICC itself is developing its own “destination model” to become the very best association for its members and the industry. Holly has been working with AICC’s board of directors and staff to write this model and begin putting in the metrics to measure how we are succeeding at “winning.” Good for AICC, and even better for us who are members.

Now that’s a win-win!


Mark Williams

President and CEO, Richmond Corrugated Inc.

Chair, AICC