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Working Well

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022



Working Well provides resources and guidance for building a productive and stable workforce. If you have plenty of willing and capable employees then move on, this article is not for you. However, if you would like to explore further keep reading and learn about methods that work, even during backlog bedlam.


A low-risk way to check out the strategy is to read two volumes in the Intentional Culture series. They are practical guides to building willingness and capability in team members. Changed People Change Process was written with the awesome P2 team, and the newest book Dammit, Learning Judgment Through Experience are practical guides to involvement of team members in the improvement experience that build buy-in and know-how. These books tell you both why and how to use the many planning, problem-solving, and project management techniques they describe.


All the learning company tools described in the books are available for purchase. You may choose a single tool to begin engaging a crew in problem-solving or you may equip the training room with an array of tools. Durable dry erase versions of all the tools are available to help you make these activities second nature, a part of the way you get things done every day.

As faculty of AICC’s Packaging School, Scott has contributed many leadership and process improvement resources that are part of the organization’s membership benefit and available to all employees.

Wade In

Working Well exists to train, coach, and build resources for leading, teaming, and working well. Dr. Scott Ellis is available to assess the strengths and challenges in your culture, provide you with an action plan, and coach key leaders to guide the transition.


Books, articles, and process improvement tools are available at and AICC members are eligible for discounts by entering the code AICC.


Scott Ellis, Ed.D., delivers training, coaching, and resources that develop the ability to eliminate obstacles and sustain more effective and profitable results. He recently published Dammit, Learning Judgment Through Experience. His books are available on Amazon. Scott can be reached at 425-985-8508 or

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