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By Doug Vandergriff

January 24, 2022


Since our humble beginnings which began back in 2011 when the North American operations were founded, WSA-USA has grown into one of the largest suppliers of material handling equipment and automation solutions in the United States and Canada. This tremendous growth can be attributed to focusing on three main fundamental approaches to the market: 1. Quality Equipment 2. Innovation and 3. Rock-solid Partnerships.

Quality has always been the foundation of what we bring to market. When we built our new factory in 2015, the approach was focused on one principle—the ability to efficiently manufacture the highest quality material handling equipment for the worldwide corrugated market. This includes following a lean manufacturing process, incorporating an in-house automotive quality paint booth, utilizing the most advanced manufacturing brands like Mazak and sourcing raw materials and components from the most trusted and industry leading suppliers.

Our approach to innovation begins with our customers. Listening to our customers has always been the foundation to our product development and to the solutions we choose to bring to market. Our belief is that our customers know best what it is going to take for them to be successful. This can be a different style prefeeder or load former that will increase their machine throughput and decrease their overhead or finding better ways to store WIP or finished goods in a smaller footprint. We have always and will continue to embrace the approach of taking customer ideas and seeing them through to innovative products and solutions.

Our partnerships with industry leading suppliers have been so critical to our growth and overall success in the market. KTC, Kennedy Technologies Corp., was one of our first North American partners and together we developed the most sophisticated load tracking automation products in the industry. This partnership single-handedly gave us the ability to support those customers looking to fully automate their existing facility or new Greenfield sites with automated load tracking from corrugator to shipping. Another key partnership that has been instrumental to our growth and continued success is the Warak group who, through their relationship with Körber, gave us the exclusive rights to vertical rack storage systems for the North American market. This state of the art system was developed and perfected over the past 10 years in Europe and is now seeing tremendous interest here in the U.S. and Canada. Harmax is another partner we are now working with to provide our customers with a highly technical roll handling system. With these three highly valued partners we can scope the largest of projects which include all the latest technologies in material handling equipment and PC based automation software.

In just 10 short years, we have grown into one of largest and most trusted suppliers in the corrugated market. We owe this success to staying true to our core beliefs. That being customer-based products built to the highest quality standards and supported by the most trusted partners in the industry.

WSA offers the most comprehensive range of material handling equipment for the corrugated industry including fully automated conveyor systems, vertical rack storage systems, centralized pallet inserting systems, automatic prefeeders, bundle handling systems, breakers, robotic solutions, and much more.



Doug Vandergriff

North American Sales Director