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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021


Zünd America, right along with most of our customers, had to adjust for all the changes and limitations the 2020 pandemic brought with it. To keep our customers and our employees safe, and the need for travel to a minimum, we put in place full, multi-camera virtual demonstration and training capabilities, which we can personalize to your specific interests and needs. Let us know what you would like to see, and we’ll show you, virtually. No travel required.


Zünd’s newly developed Press-Cut Tool – PCT is equipped with a specially designed glide shoe that offers both greater cutting speeds and superior edge quality. With the tool compressing the edges of the material during the cutting process, the resulting pillow effect mimics the quality and appearance of traditional die-cutting, making this a great tool for corrugated converters.


Zünd’s fully automated Board Handling System BHS150 continues to be a great success with digital packaging producers implementing Zünd’s innovative and reliable

automation technology all over the world. Capable of processing 1.5m stacks, materials up to 4 thick, and maximum processing speeds of 2.8m/9.2ft per sec., the system delivers unprecedented non-stop productivity and throughput, especially when paired with the Zünd dual-beam D3 cutter. Customers are reporting significant reductions in production time and cost, along with the ability to attract more business with larger and more economical short runs. The D3 system can accommodate 3 different tools (e.g. cutting, creasing, perforating) on each beam, and automatic file retrieval via QR code further enables efficient, non-stop cutting even if the stack of uncut materials consists of different jobs of varying lengths.


Engaged for more than three decades in the development, manufacturing, and worldwide distribution of modular, multifunctional digital cutting/finishing equipment, Zünd offers several lines of digital cutters for graphics, packaging, and other demanding industrial applications. The G3/S3 and dual-beam D3 are highly adaptable finishing solutions for custom & prototyping to high-volume digital production environments. For packaging manufacturers, Zünd’s state-of-the-art cutting systems can accommodate a complete palette of specialized tools for processing all commonly used packaging materials, including protective foams up to 2 and 4 thick (depending on beam height) and 10′ wide. Zünd Cut Center, Zünd’s end-to-end digital workflow suite, ensures simple, efficient operation and reliable, non-stop productivity that can be monitored on-site or remotely via Dashboard. With features such as the new fully automated, stack-to-stack Board Handling System, robotic pick & place, tandem operation, intelligent or even one-shot register-mark capture and touch-free file retrieval, Zünd can provide customers with the most efficient digital workflow solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Every component of Zünd’s modular systems is geared to maximizing productivity and adapting to ever-changing digital cutting/finishing needs.

For more information and to schedule a personal demonstration at our expansive in-person and virtual demonstration facilities in Oak Creek, WI, please contact:



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