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By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023

Efficiency Beyond the Cut: #LetsTalkWorkflow!

Who is Zünd and Zund America?

Zund America, with HQ in Oak Creek, WI, is the U.S. sister company of Zünd Systemtechnik, the family-owned manufacturer of multifunctional digital cutting systems based in Switzerland. For more than three decades, Zünd has been the world’s leading manufacturer of modular, single and dual-beam, multifunctional, and highly adaptable cutting solutions for applications ranging from custom manufacturing and prototyping to high-volume digital production.


What does Zünd offer packaging manufacturers?

Zünd is known for its multi-capable, highly adaptable, and efficient cutting solutions for packaging manufacturers looking to expand their digital cutting capabilities in anything from samplemaking to fully automated short-run production. High-performance tooling for all popular packaging materials (incl. up to 4 thick foam on machines with extended clearance) and a full range of automation/robotics, make Zünd an exceptionally productive digital production offering for the packaging industry. Zünd cutting systems are built to perform 24/7, with minimal operator supervision and exceptionally low cost of ownership.


What Workflow Automation is Right for You?

In all the years Zünd has been developing and manufacturing cutting systems, one core principle has guided everything we do: It’s all about you, our customer, and what will work best for your type of production. That is why Zünd has always placed tremendous emphasis on modularity, expandability, and upgradeability—and not just when it comes to hardware components… A variety of customizable workflow solutions, including Zünd Cut Center, along with PrimeCenter and other software modules, ensure simple, efficient operation and reliable, nonstop productivity with maximum material yield and minimal waste. With features such as fully automated, stack-to-stack board handling (including the BHS150), robotic pick & place, tandem operation, intelligent register-mark capture, and automatic file retrieval, Zünd can provide customers with the most efficient digital workflow solutions for their specific production requirements. Every component of Zünd’s modular cutting systems is geared toward maximizing productivity and adapting to ever-changing cutting & finishing needs.

Contact us to find out what Zünd can do for you…and #LetsTalkWorkflow!,