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AICC Launches Education Investor Program

By AICC Staff

September 12, 2017

On April 1, AICC took the extraordinary step of shifting its lauded online education program from a pay platform to being included with membership. AICC members responded immediately by increasing their participation in the program by more than 300 percent. This increased utilization has shown no signs of decline in the ensuing months. AICC is fast becoming the core training program source for several of its members.

The AICC Board of Directors has made it both a short-term and a long-term goal that AICC be the education leader in paper-based printing and converting. This goal encompasses all the disciplines that touch our great industry—manufacturing processes, substrates, consumables, selling, finances, human resourcessafety, communication, management strategies, and leadership. Today, more than 30 courses are available online to every AICC member company and all its employees.

AICC has a partnership with The Packaging School, a Greenville, S.C.-based enterprise that supplies a professional packaging curriculum developed by Clemson University and its packaging sciences program. The Packaging School hosts AICC’s online education program and works with AICC to develop new courses and course materials and to ensure the educational viability of the overall slate of classes. AICC members also have free access to the Packaging School’s Certificate of Packaging Science program, which consists of a specific 12-course curriculum on various packaging media and methods.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” —Mahatma Gandhi

With so much to offer and engagement rates being so high, AICC, in order to ensure a growing availability of course content, has developed an “Education Investor” opportunity. Here is an outline of what is available for a $15,000 investment:

  • Provide ideas and materials (videos, documents, subject matter experts, etc.) on a topic that will be taken by AICC educators and the Packaging School and made into educationally viable online content. The investor would work with AICC educators and participate in the creation of the course. The investor’s logo may be shown clearly on materials, footage, and subject matter, but the course will not be commercial in nature—it will be educationally significant.
  • Supply a 30-second “commercial” that will run prior to the education piece.
  • Receive AICC recognition on a dedicated page in BoxScore and recognition with other education investors at national meetings.
  • Inclusion of the investor’s name with the online course descriptions.

The completed course would be posted on the AICC Packaging School website and hosted by The Packaging School. The course will remain online for as long as the content is considered educationally viable and has not been updated.

AICC thanks its first three investors: Fosber, BCM Inks, and Sun Automation. The Education Investor program will be open to 15 companies annually. This is your opportunity to be a thought leader in our industry. Education has such a permanence

in the lives and experiences of those who endeavor to learn. Virtually all polls of workers show unanimity in the opinion that workers want their companies to invest in them and in their ability to grow. The best and broadest way to invest in workers is to educate them. Access to education has also been shown to be one of the primary factors in employee retention.

AICC has a long tradition of support from its general and associate member companies. It is an association that is volunteer-driven and -directed. AICC’s educational mission is one of the deliverables identified by members as having the highest value to them. The Education Investor program is sure to be a unique AICC sponsorship opportunity because of the number of people the “product” will touch and because of the esteemed way it will position the investor in the eyes of the industry.

For more information, contact AICC Vice President Mike D’Angelo at 703-836-2422 or