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Air Conveying Corporation

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023

From Concept to Completion

Founded in 1968 in South Holland, Ill., and now located in Memphis, Tenn., the company provides trim removal systems, including all of the components, state-of-the-art electrical control systems and accessories needed in today’s corrugated box plants, folding carton plants and printing plants.

ACC is recognized as a dedicated partner, providing information and insight into the pros and cons of each type of system to make sure board converters get the best possible system for their budget.

ACC’s motto is to not intentionally stop the paper from moving until it is in the baling chamber. Systems that have multiple moving parts will require maintenance. A trench conveyor or rotary airlocks are examples where if they fail, all of the machines on the line will have to be evacuated by hand. A Draw Thru or Neutralizing System does not only work much better to precisely regulate the down pressure in the baler chute, they require no maintenance and if they do fail, all of the trim removal systems can still operate until the problem has been resolved at the convenience of the plant.

Unnecessary maintenance and cleanup jobs are labor costs that can be avoided if the trim system is configured properly ahead of time. Labor is also a cost that needs to be factored in when justifying the equipment for the trim removal system. ACC can supply and install all of the equipment needed. We make everything we sell from our own shredder line, belt conveyors and Airveyors, bale transfer and weighing systems, TangentAir® Separators, Low Profile TangentAir® Separators, the unique Classifier® Filter, Vacuum Transfer Systems, support steel, material handling fans and all of the fittings, elbows and hardware. We can also provide the best briquetters in the world that are not sensitive to either positive or negative pressure from the filter.

ACC is a quality provider to all of the major integrated companies as well as a huge base of independent converters. With about 150 years of combined experience, the company has the resources to handle every phase of a project, from concept through completion, whether it’s a new plant or an existing operation. This includes professional engineering analysis for support steel and foundation design with stamped and certified drawings for permit acceptance. Other support functions include rental equipment, crane and electricians, plumbers and concrete contractors. ACC is also well versed in EPA, OSHA and NFPA related requirements, inspections, certifications and permits.

Mark Bruno

Project Sales


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