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ARC International

January 23, 2024

ARC International Jumbo Rollers

ARC is on a roll … a jumbo roll! ARC International offers the latest laser engraving technology for the largest anilox rollers in the corrugated industry. Just walk into any grocery or home improvement store and you’ll see lots of large, corrugated bins with 4-color process printing! The demand for high quality graphics continues to be critical, regardless of the size of containers.

The ability to handle rollers that range in face length from 179″ to 225″ requires more than just the laser engraver itself. Heavy-duty overhead hoists, rigs, and grinders that can accommodate rollers that weigh 4,000 to 6,000 pounds are an absolute necessity for production purposes and safety concerns.

The production machines that are used for blasting, undercoating, and chrome oxide application are constructed with heavy-duty bearings that allow for an efficient and consistent surface application. This plays a key role in the manufacturing process prior to grinding the surface to achieve critical TIR and taper specifications.

Box plants usually require riggers to assist in the removal and installation of the jumbo rollers. This is certainly a big expense. With that being the case, many plants choose to go the extra mile and have a cladded stainless steel underlayer beneath the chrome oxide ceramic to allow for even more corrosion-resistance and hopefully, a longer life. ARC offers this option, as well, along with every ceramic roller receiving a proprietary infused surface protectant (ISP™) to eliminate porosity.

If the jumbo anilox rollers are metered/doctored with a wiper roller, ARC can fabricate or recondition these in-house with their 25-foot infrared dry heat autoclave. ARC knows the required specifications for crowns in wiper rollers that are designed to maintain an even wipe across the roller in jumbo print stations. ARC also offers 100% carbon fiber doctor blade units with dual-blade chambers or mono-blade units. This can be for conversion of a two-roller system or the replacement of older, corroded aluminum chambers.

In order to achieve these critical graphics, the corrugated sheet must be delivered to the print station from the feed section without any crush. ARC can supply new and reconditioned pull rollers or feed rollers in a variety of elastomeric compounds and durometer hardness. Today, the majority of box plants utilize feed roller surfaces in the 25 to 35 Shore A hardness range.

Let ARC International handle your next jumbo flexo machine requirement. Call them at 800-526-4569 or email at

Micheal Foran has
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Micheal Foran
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