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ARC International

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


ARC International Glue, Meter, & Knife Rollers


The corrugator is perhaps the most important piece of equipment in a corrugated box plant. If it’s not running, there’s no board to be converted into boxes or trays. For 38 years, ARC International, with manufacturing plants in Charlotte, NC, and Las Vegas, NV, has been a major supplier to the industry with an array of roller products for single facers, glue machines, and corrugator knives.

For single facers and glue machines, ARC offers their premium cladded applicator rollers with either a stainless steel or chrome-plated surface. In the cladding process, the stainless or carbon steel becomes an integral part of the roller body and cannot delaminate, as is common with other sprayed applications. The stainless steel-cladded roller is then ground, polished, and mechanically engraved. Upon completion of the engraving, the roller is ready for QC, as there is no chrome plating required. A cladded stainless steel applicator roller is guaranteed against rust or delamination for a period of five years. Some plants choose to utilize the standard mechanically engraved carbon steel and chrome plated roller, as these rollers can also do an excellent job with starch transfer. Non-engraved matte cladded applicator rollers can also be supplied with stainless steel or chrome-plated surfaces.

Traditionally, glue applicator rollers are engraved with 45-degree quad or quadrangular cells, often 20, 25, 30, or 35 LPI (lines per inch), dependent upon flute requirements. ARC also offers their own hexagonal 60-degree Starch Saver line of engraving tools, SS100, SS200, SS300, & SS400 for various B & C flute, E flute, or micro-flute applications. These engravings offer thinner walls with less depth for more efficient starch release. And over time as these cells wear, they provide less volume loss due to their design, as compared to traditional quad cells.

Of course, just as important as the applicator roller, the meter roller plays a critical role in efficient starch application. ARC offers multiple meter roller surfaces—tungsten carbide, ceramic, stainless steel, and chrome. ARC recommends that a new or reconditioned meter roller should always be supplied with a new or reconditioned applicator, better known as a “matched set.”

Other corrugator roller components supplied by ARC include splicer rollers for the single facer and pull and exit rollers for the corrugator knife. These knife rollers can be supplied with tungsten carbide, stainless steel, carboxylated nitrile, or molybdenum surfaces, whatever the OEM specification.

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Micheal Foran, President, CEO & Founder of ARC, has been in the roller engraving industry for about 50 years.

Micheal Foran

President, CEO & Founder of ARC International


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