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January 23, 2024

Pacificolor brings VORTEX™ to the Americas

The print solution to benefit your bottom line in 2024

VORTEX™ is an award-winning prepress technology making waves across Europe.

In the ever-evolving landscape of corrugated packaging, the demand for sustainable and efficient print solutions is paramount.

Among the innovative technologies making strides in this arena, VORTEX™ stands out as a game changer.

Created by our global technical partner Reproflex3, VORTEX™ is a revolutionary sustainable printing solution specifically for corrugated packaging, delivering numerous advantages to cater for the exacting needs of converters and brand owners alike.


VORTEX™ seamlessly integrates within existing print conditions to optimize processes and deliver fast, efficient, precision printing. It works with the converter workflow to guide them in creating an “A” grade print output. The result is reduced dot gain, extended color space, production increases, and potential ink savings.


VORTEX™ print technology is now exclusively available to converters in North America provided by Pacificolor. The technology has been created for ink on paper, corrugated board, and film. It uses a unique set of tools to stabilize the flexographic print process to create superior print consistently and cost effectively.


One of its key benefits is the ability to boost production speeds. In a market where demand is up and meeting deadlines is crucial, VORTEX™ enhances the printing process with faster production speeds and cleaner plates, improving overall productivity and ensuring converters stay competitive in a globalized market.

Potential reduction in drying time is another standout feature of VORTEX™. Traditional printing methods usually involve prolonged drying processes, consuming both production time and energy. VORTEX™ addresses this challenge by minimizing ink consumption, a critical aspect of sustainable printing practices.


By optimizing ink usage, VORTEX™ reduces waste which significantly reduces the time required for inks to set, leading to essential cost savings for converters. These features are particularly relevant in an era where environmental awareness is driving the industry to adopt greener practices.


Beyond efficiency and sustainability, VORTEX™ excels in improving print quality.

It enhances color accuracy, sharpness, and has the potential of increasing resolution on current equipment, to meet the highest industry demands. This ensures the final product not only satisfies the aesthetic demands of brand owners but also contributes to visually appealing and marketable packaging solutions.

In essence, VORTEX™ is a win-win solution for converters and brand owners in the corrugated packaging industry. Its ability to boost production speeds, reduce drying times, minimize ink consumption, and save energy costs positions it as a cutting-edge, sustainable print solution.

In 2022, VORTEX™ won “Best in Show” for technical innovation at the UK Flexographic Industry Association Awards and has gone on to receive a further 12 international print awards during 2023 and counting.

Embracing solution-focused technologies like VORTEX™ is instrumental in meeting the demands of a dynamic packaging market while championing environmental responsibility. As the corrugated packaging industry evolves, the adoption of innovations is key to staying operationally competitive and environmentally conscious.

Established in 1996, Pacificolor is a leading supplier of prepress services in the corrugated, carton, and wide web markets. We serve clients across the U.S. from state-of-the-art facilities in Utah, Colorado, and Minnesota.

We are home to top-end infrastructure and expertise in prepress, color management, and plate making, and we are proud to partner with like-minded innovators in the global print packaging industry to bring our clients best-in-class print solutions and the very latest technologies to enhance quality and performance to build their bottom line.

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