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Stafford Corrugated Products

January 23, 2024


Stafford Corrugated Products has our Customers Covered!

As we ponder our 37th year of serving the Corrugated Box Market, Stafford Corrugated Products looks at the changes that have taken place since. Earlier this year, we were fortunate to celebrate the Grand Opening of our new World Headquarters in Indian Trail, North Carolina. This state-of-the-art facility is over 50,000 square feet and houses our main offices, warehouse, and manufacturing floor. What is truly amazing is that this new structure replaces the previous facility, which was opened in 2014. In just nine short years, we outgrew one facility and moved into a new one that is 21/2 times the size. Stafford’s growth is reflected in the Corrugated Container Industry. At the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Boxmakers were deemed to be Essential Suppliers and were allowed to continue to operate. As a premier supplier to these plants, Stafford was able to maintain product inventory and continuously provide to our customer base without interruption.

From the very beginning, Stafford Corrugated Products offered a few different hardware items necessary for Rotary Die Cutting. Today, our portfolio of products is reflected in our nearly 100-page catalog highlighting the various products and services we offer. Tony D’Aprile, Founder and CEO of Stafford, says, “This explosive growth comes from our customers, who would ask us if we could make a particular part for them. Seeing the need for an alternative supplier of wear and consumable parts is what drives us to provide even more. And now, with our new building, we have the warehouse capability to stock even more products. Providing solutions for our customers is what it’s all about at Stafford.”

In keeping with this philosophy, Stafford is proud to announce we have formed a strategic partnership with TRESU, a European-based manufacturer of customized flexo printing systems. TRESU manufactures Chambered Doctor Blade Systems along with Ink Delivery Systems and can be found as standard equipment on several different OEM machines. TRESU offers upgraded Chambered Doctor Blade Systems to replace existing systems, which are beginning to deteriorate. In addition, TRESU can retrofit an older, roll-to-roll print system into a Chambered System for significantly improved print quality. TRESU is a respected leader in its field, and Stafford is pleased to announce its association with them. We look forward to introducing this fine line of equipment to our customers.

Along with a courteous and knowledgeable Customer Service Staff, Stafford has seven outside Technical Sales and Service Representatives who call on the contiguous 48 states. By making frequent in-person visits to our customers, we are able to understand the needs of the industry and can react to any changes that come about with speed and efficiency that no one else can match. Our outside Sales Team has over 260 years of combined industry experience.

Along with the various products we provide, Stafford is proud to offer the RODICUT Die Cut Anvil Blanket for all makes of Rotary Die Cutters.

Want to learn more? Contact your Stafford Rep today or email us at We can be reached by phone at 800-282-5787.

Ian Carlton Manager Technical Service Cell: 856-761-4500 Company: 800-282-5787